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Thread: NASCAR Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by BroncosFanInPA View Post
    Harvick & the #4 team look like the team to beat this year...they are flat out killing the field &next up is his best track of all at phoenix, so we very well could see 3 in a row.

    also still think that the run is about over for jimmie & the 48...not competitive at all & reminds me of tony's final couple years...age catches up to everyone
    Harvick looks dominate, yes, buts its been only 3 races. Sure, Phoenix is hands down his best track but even if he wins there and gets his 3rd consecutive win, there is still a lot of racing to go before the playoffs.

    Someone to watch at Phoenix is Alex Bowman. He won the pole at Phoenix when he was replacing Jr, and he ran well there that entire race and finished either 5th or 6th.

    Also, lets not ignore Ryan Blaney. If it wasn't for his late tough like during the 500, he could have been the driver we'd be all talking about now instead of Harvick.
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    I agree, it's too early to count anyone out but Kevin has been "Smoking" !!!
    Happy for Tony's team even if they are Fords.

    Joe Gibbs and TRD have had those new Toyos for a while; no excuse there.
    Give HMS and other Chevy teams a few more races to dial in those new Camaros.

    I'm no fan of Kez or JJ.

    The 2 car has been strong.
    Brad Kez's crew chief has made some awful strategy calls.

    As long as Chad is sitting on top of the box, we can't count the 48 out just yet either

    How 'bout NASCAR's nifty idea about the lug guns ?
    Sure hope they get those fixed by Homestead.

    This week at Phoenix:
    This will be the last time the drivers will run the old track.
    All the drivers like the old rough tracks and always complain about new resurfaced tracks.

    Well, after this race Sunday, they will begin demo and totally reconfigure the track here.
    Adding grandstands, changing oval, start/finish, pits, banking etc.
    They're not even calling it PIR anymore, has some new name; can't keep up lol.
    The new track will be ready for the November race and I'll wager the drivers will hate it.

    I like having Jeff in the booth with DW and I'm glad Larry Mac gets to chime in a lot.
    NASCAR: Get some decent lug guns !!!

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    It's Monday and we're all caught up on the weekend's races.

    I agree about the lug guns. If they're making the teams use them, they really need to be sure that they work.

    It'll be interesting to see how the drivers react in November.

    It's okay for Harvick to have a few good races, but I hope it's not going to be total domination. And Jimmie? I almost hope he makes a mini comeback. Show that talent (and luck) is not based on age.


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    Yes i agree that it is still very early in the season but i see the same pattern that truex & the 78 team had last year, winning stages & winning the race which is racking up those playoff points in a hurry...

    harvick already has 13 playoff points & that is how truex all but guaranteed a spot in the final race was he had such a massive playoff point built up that it was as about as close to locked in as you could get.

    i understand things can change at any given time, but a few more races like the last two & the #4 team will be set & be able to cruise into the final race for the cup

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    a little But.....

    I like the Gas Monkey gang, who woulda thought......

    I just got to watch where they built the car for Kurt Bush and then Bush raced Logano. I found it very entertaining. If you all get a chance, check it out.
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