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Some kinda crazy long day at Indy

It was a crazy race. We DVRed it. Fortunately, someone told us that there was a rain delay so we got the whole race.

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couple things about the race...first thing i have an issue with from the get go was the start time - 2:45 at a track that has no lights...you get rain that sets it back 2 hours & you are up against the clock from the start & if that last restart didn't reach "the ot line" well then they would of had to call it for darkness, race should start at 1:30 when track has no lights.

next up is i feel bad for kyle because he had a dominate car & was going to win if not for truex taking him out, i know it was just hard racing but the fact is that the 78 got loose & wrecked the 18 end of story...

last thing is that i'm glad kasey ended up with the win because brad most certainly started before him on the next to last restart that ended up in a pileup & he could have been penalized.

side note: 12 different winners now with still 6 to go, absolutely could have over 16 winners which means a win does not gaurantee a playoff spot as these fools keep advertising...that means points will be a factor for the winners with 1 win to determine the 16 spots...

still have kyle, kenseth, logano, earnhart jr, bowyer, elliot & i said it before watch out for almendinger at the glen
They do need to reconsider the start time when there are no lights.

All my drivers were involved in some altercation today. Only thing that made it a little better is that Johnson was too.

The one that got me was Bowyer. I told hubby that it looked like he turned left to avoid the two in front of him. He disagreed. In his interview though, that's what Bowyer said he did. Knowing that the 77 was near him.

Larson got a little feisty. And glad Truex is okay.