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    Quote Originally Posted by jetrazor74 View Post
    I suppose next you're going to try and say drinking the milk from the cereal bowl is rude to, hunh?
    Nooooooo... thats accepted!! It is the cereal bowl afterall! But when you are at the breakfast buffet, try to stop yourself from licking the butter from the knife

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetrazor74 View Post
    what about hot wings? or corn on the cob? gotta have lots of butter for that!!! or nachos? or chili fries? or a chili burger? how about cheetos? but then again, I'm "go ahead and lick your fingers" proponent!!
    hot wins and corn on the cob are considered bbq for me. i eat chili fries with a fork

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    No it is not necessarily rude, especially when eating bbq or corn on the cob. If you eat with your fingers in public it's ok to lick them. And, I licked the butter off my finger at lunch today, in public.
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    And yes it is a scheme problem.
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    It is bad manners.

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