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    carucci's take on the chargers

    The San Diego Chargers are better than they showed against the Carolina Panthers. They suffered a heartbreaking loss, to be certain, but they still have the talent and explosiveness that should allow them to win the soft AFC West and still make a strong run to the Super Bowl.

    How can the Chargers not be encouraged with the performance of Philip Rivers (17-of-27 for 217 yards and three touchdowns and no interceptions) after he underwent offseason knee surgery? He looked as poised and as confident as ever, showing clear strides that he is emerging as a top quarterback. LaDainian Tomlinson remains the gold standard among NFL running backs and Antonio Gates, despite leaving the game in the first half with a bruised hip, still caught a touchdown pass as did San Diego's other big-play target, Vincent Jackson.

    Losing in the final two seconds to a strong Panther team that can go places with a healthy Jake Delhomme under center is no disgrace.

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    We already know this, jc, but I'm sure the Fairweathers at Propaganda Central could use the good word......

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    Number one junior contributor............Denver is not soft. Number two........... It wasn't that close . Game was in the bag till that moron fumbled. Yes rivers looked poised leading his team on that long drive from just outside the red zone. But what isn't mentioned is the lack of pressure on Jake. Given time to throw he made those all pro corners look very average . It's like a house of cards you don't know which card's removal (shawne merriman) will bring the whole house down. Still think you'll win by 38 ?

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    go back to the charger board and work on your 29,000th post.


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    Strong Panther Team? when did that happen? I mean they looked good against the Chargers but i swear i dont remember anyone calling them Strong in any pre-season polls or power rankings, oh well i guess if you beat the Chargers you are instantly put into the Strong section of the NFL's Power Rankings.

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    Yeah so?

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    Lest we forget that the Panthers ran the ball rather well against the Chargers. That bodes well for the Broncos.

    Carolina had a 19-10 fourth quarter lead that they blew because of a costly fumble. So while the author thinks that the Panther's got lucky, it took a fortunate break for the Chargers to take the lead. But Rivers did look good. He may be a world class ass, but he's a good QB.

    Losing at home to a team playing without their best player is a disgrace. Are we forgeting the that Chargers were nearly 10 point favorites?

    "Today's the tomorrow that you should've feared yesterday."

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