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    Sorry I'm a total homer, but Matt Ryan has been incredible and deserves it. The Falcons were horrible last year, a franchise in complete disarray, they are competing for a playoff spot in the very tough NFC South.

    If Ryan wasn't around I would totally agree, no other rookie has been more impressive than Clady.

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    Quote Originally Posted by broncsfan21 View Post
    Clady has definitely been dominant and is playing at a high level despite being a rookie. However what Matt Ryan has done is incredible. He took a team that had nothing going for it and now has them fighting for a playoff berth. Pretty good for a rookie QB i'd say and he is almost certain to win ROY.

    Even if Clady doesn't win it, I will be content knowing we have a premier tackle guarding Cutlers blind side.
    Getting Michael Turner didn't hurt much either... Clady deserves it more than Matt Ryan.:salute!:
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    Well its not going to happen, rookie of the year is going to Matt Ryan or Chris Johnson. The fact of the matter is Rook of the Year goes to Big time, flash, high stat getting players and a OL is not that.

    That being said im 100% sure Clady is the best rookie linemen in the NFL and surely will be a Career pro bowler.

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    Matt Ryan has been very good, but he is NOT responsible for single-handedly turning his franchise around. You can attribute that to Mike Smith and Tom Dimitroff.

    I would say that any other year, Ryan would be deserving of the award, but not this year. What Clady is doing is nothing short of phenomenal. I agree with Shanahan that Clady might just be the best LT in the league. Ryan is even in his wildest dreams not the best QB in the league.

    Moreover, Ryan gets to hand off to the second best rushing attack in the league for more than half his snaps. He is a glorified courier for those plays. Clady doesn't get to sit and watch on any play.

    As for the oft-repeated "he has to read defenses", Matt Ryan is not Peyton Manning. He is not given the same level of responsibilities, just like Brady Quinn isn't or Jamarcus Russell isn't.

    I'll say it again, for Matt Ryan to truly deserve this award he has to play as well as Kurt Warner, Drew Brees or Peyton Manning. He isn't.

    Despite all this, Matt Ryan will still win OROY, but that doesn't mean he deserves it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B4Bronco6 View Post
    Hands down, Clady is the BEST rookie out of the draft class. Call me a homer, but the way he is literally DOMINATING his position.... is there really anyone else who is BETTER in that sense??

    The way he's been handling top notch pro bowler pass rushers, all while being a 22 year old rookie LT in the NFL.

    He probably won't win it, but the Broncos know what type of caliber player they have for hopefully a LONG time.
    That's not being a homer...cuz it's absolutely true.

    He has been neutralizing ANY pass rush that comes to his side. Remember all the hype on Joe Thomas of Cleveland last year??? Clady has been playing BETTER than Joe Thomas :salute!:

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    The award is going to Matt Ryan, barring a monumental collapse in the last quarter of the season. And among the "skill position" players, he is clearly the top rookie (yes, even over Royal). In a perfect world, Clady would win it, because the stats can't lie, he has been the league's best LT at pass-blocking, rookie or not. Here's how I would rank the rookies:

    -Ryan Clady :salute!:
    -Matt Ryan
    -Matt Forte
    -Joe Flacco
    -Eddie Royal
    -Chris Johnson
    -Steve Slaton
    -DeSean Jackson
    -Peyton Hillis

    I'll also add this: after Cutler, Clady is the most important part of this team and needs to be the top priority for locking up long-term (even more important than Marshall).

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    Yeah I was talking about this subject the other day; he most definitely deserves this award. What a statement that would be..

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    clady is not going to win.....even though half of the football pundits believe he should.....its politricks

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    Read the sig and then vote for Clady! I challenge each of you to vote for Clady 25-100 times. I'm serious. If 100 people vote 100 times, Clady will go to the Pro-bowl. Screw the east-coast bias and lets get our most dominating offensive player on the team to Honolulu!!!!

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    It's really a tough year for RoY because there are, quite strangely, a couple of rookie QBs vying for the honor. And QBs always get the most love when they're playing well.

    Ignoring the importance of each position, I think Clady and Royal could both make a case for rookie of the year. Clady has been dominating with his pass blocking but his run blocking is a bit hit or miss. Royal isn't as flashy as some but he's been making key receptions all year long and is putting up amazing rookie stats for a receiver, not to mention his return ability.

    It's sad but Hillis has also been extremely impressive but won't even get a mention because he's been splitting time between fullback and tailback. But man has that guy been hugely important for our team.

    Overall, we had three fantastic rookies this year (and some other solid ones) and I'll be content knowing they'll all be Broncos for years to come. RoY would be sweet but it doesn't really matter in the long run.
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