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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigplayshay84 View Post
    Champ Bailey and Julius Peppers straight up. Would you?

    I would pull the trigger as fast as possible......we NEED a legit DE. CB's are a dime a dozen, just like running backs right?

    If portis stayed in Denver we could have an extra superbowl the year the steelers won....

    This year? with bell and bly, Portis would have been nice since our current active leading rusher is Jay Cutler.

    IMO Redskins won in the trade........all signs point to Champ go by by.
    No offense but it sounds like you don't know what you are talking about.

    First of all, Shanny doesn't value high end pass rushers. look at the history of Pass rushers he recently let get away.

    And Portis? come on....... are you kidding me?

    Thank you for everything Darrent. I'll never forget #27.

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    Quote Originally Posted by getlynched47 View Post
    go easy on the noob SB.....

    dont u think that your mom would be ashamed of you if she found out that you were picking on noobs???
    you just called me a noob. you spend all your time making ur sig look pretty so you can kiss your pal's ass.

    btw all of those pass rushers you mentioned are NOT julius peppers. Champ doesn't even play and our defense gets MORE interceptions. He is a freak but he usually isn't in good position to make an INT. Not saying he lost it, but he isn't the champ from two years ago and he is overpaid

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