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    Quote Originally Posted by stnzed View Post
    Peppers was only able to make Clady look "uncomfortable" on a few plays, Clady may have even been guilty of a hold on one play, this kid should only get better.......
    Let's not forget that he came out after his junior year and this is only his 3rd year playing left tackle! His freshman year he played right tackle, and prior to that he was a DT in high school and on the scout team his redshirt year.

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    I was at the Denver vs Carolina game Sunday and what started out good ended up with me scratching my head, wondering what Denver's gameplan was exactly. In the games that they have lost this year it has always been the same, start strong...then when we get a penalty, or the game takes a turn in the other teams direction, OUR OFFENSE, not up. PERIOD. FOr all the talk about how bad our defense is this year, when you look at our(DENVER's) losses, they are top notch as long as nothing is going adversly...The game vs Carolina, after quarter 1, Denver's O made me sick. Short screen passes to Selvin Young(and I know that if you get the right D dialed up on a screen it can be huge) on 3rd and 20, when you are already down 14+. Fast forward to a series or two after that, 3rd and 14, we run a draw I think to Tatum Bell. And I might be mixed up on what the score was and down and distance on my above examples, but it was sooo obvious to the Denver fans in Carolina, and to my dismay, the Carolina fans too, that Denver's O flat out QUIT. There was two or three times that BMarsh was open downfield and the whole stadium could see him, and my boy Jay, he doesnt even look that way, instead he throws a bannanna route to Tatum, that gains 3 yards. What gets me is Jay's decsion making process at times...he doesnt get called out on it as often as he could because of his arm strength and our good recievers, but why in one games does he force the ball like hell into BMarsh and then in others, when he has an obvious hieght/speed/everything advantage over his db, does Jay throw the ball maybe 4 times to Marshall the entire 2nd half, a half that Denver is down 14-20 points and in obvious passing situations? Denver didnt throw any post or slants down the middle of the field, not ONE that I would call a true slant/post. Everything was dink and dunk and played right into Carolina's strengths on DeF

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beagle View Post
    It happened he was giving him the didn't get called but it happened no doubt they replayed it and I saw it the first time.He did a fine job even on the hold don't let em touch your qb.
    Holds happen every play almost, and by every OL player in the league. I've seen worse holds on Dum not get called so I'm not worried about Clady not getting flagged for that.

    I have to agree with the other guy, If it's not called it never happened.


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    I think Carolina just game planned us great and it was frustrating.

    The sacks they got weren't from any crazy fast rush.

    They were coverage sacks. Carolina had our WR's covered ALL GAME! It was actually amazing to me because every week usually our WR's are able to get open pretty easily. But I didn't see any passes this week where the guys were even close to open.

    Carolina game planned to stop Cutler since they knew we were gonna be weak running the ball. And it worked.

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    Broncos would win more if Cutler was nicer to the cable guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Wilson 4 Mayor View Post
    Someone tell me again why he isn't going to the pro-bowl? Well, that may be a pretentious statment becuase only the fans have voted so far.

    It was either Randy Cross or Dan Fouts who said it, I'm not sure, but one of them stated that Clady might be the best LT in the game right now.

    It was Randy Cross. He also commented on it on Monday morning on Sirius.

    Quote Originally Posted by saltparrot View Post
    We'll find out tomorrow if the players and coaches are any sparter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Freyaka View Post
    the more posts I see like this the more I just have to laugh at how BAD these boards blew up about the fact that we took clady instead of albert, I saw so many negative comments about him......looks like most of us were dead freakin wrong!


    No way! The majority on this forum was wrong about something!??!?!?? GTFO RITE NAAAO!

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    I believe Woodyard started at SS. I think all for W's (Williams, Woodyard, Webster & Winborn) started the game, and they played much of the game in a base 4-4.

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    Denver's Ryan Clady was one of seven offensive tackles selected in the first round of the 2008 draft and he probably came under more scrutiny than any besides, maybe, Sam Baker. Turns out Clady might be the best of the group at this point of his career and deserves Pro Bowl recognition as a rookie.

    Quote Originally Posted by darth-hideous View Post
    Champ losing a step, just means the rest of the NFL is now only two steps behind.
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    I agree with the OP, Webster is a moron... the defense was playing much better without him and a hobbled DJ on the field.... When DJ is full speed, he is fine... Webster is a dumb as a rock, even at full speed...

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    I don't like webster, never have. I mean crappy Koutovides CHALLENGED him in camp and almost won. Koutovides couldn't challenge half of the MLBs in this league and that is why seattle decided he was a weak link.

    Webster's style just annoy's me, but the players love him....I don't get it, do they want to win or do they want to lose and love the crappy players?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealBronco View Post
    Um.... Smith=7 points.

    Stewart/Williams=14 points (one TD each). So even without Steve Smith, they win. 14-10.

    Kasey=12 points. Kasey alone would've beat us with 3 field goals even if Smith, Stewart and Williams never score.

    So yeah we sure shut down their running game alright.

    Champ would've helped a lot on defense, but our offense still only scored 10 points.

    so unless Champ causes the defense to shut out Carolina, we still lose.

    how the heck did you come up with this logic?

    Points aren't easily calculated as you've formulated; but one thing is for sure, with champ in there steve smith may not have been wide open on some of those plays. Josh Bell kept up with smith but was a step behind. I believe champ would've gotten some deflections and possibly some turnovers.

    One turnover from champ could've changed the game from the start.

    Don't forget, Champ is a beast in run defense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B4Bronco6 View Post
    Having a good pass rush shuts down Steve Smith more than Champ Bailey would have...
    Our pass rush won't likely change much this season. But with steve smith being the crazy receiver that he is shut down by Champ, who else would delhomme get the ball to?!

    Champ is a beastly tackler and playmaker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rush_limbaughII View Post
    Sure - for some strong great pass rusher like Albert Haynesworth. Without good passrush, even Champ cannot contain Steve Smith. Our problem is lack of pass rush even if we get the best secondary. Champ was supposed to get us over the hump after our losses to Colts. What happened? We seem to have regressed. I am not blaming Champ. He is a great professional. But my point is that good pass rush is more important than a great secondary.
    Here is the thing about the arguments about a pass rush versus champ bailey.

    Our defensive line is what it is; our DC won't change this season. Our defense has played reasonably well this season with that same defensive line.

    Champ Bailey is the only factor that can improve the defense this season when he becomes healthy. What the hell does the argument of having a pass rush have anything to do with the game? Our Dline won't change, while champ available would've likely made a huge difference.

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    I think it's safe to say that our defense as a whole is better with Champ on the field.

    Nuff said.
    *** God Bless Our Military Men And Women***

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    With Hillis vs Carolina vs without Hillis

    I'm asking a question here, does anyone else feel like it would have been a totally different ballgame if Peyton was healthy for the Carolina game?

    I know Pope didnt get a lot of carries so its kind of hard to say much about his rushing. He did do well on the one TD reception that caught Carolina by surprise.

    I think we got pretty much what many people expected from Bell. If he can get a clear lane? He has good open field speed but he just doesnt have the power to break even an arm tackle. Selvin is much the same kind of RB as Tatum, and when completely healthy I think he may be even faster and I do credit him with having quicker feet and more agility. However, as was stated at least once during the game by a commentator, I don't think Selvin is back to 100% yet.

    Without question todays NFL requires a team to have at least once RB that has nifty moves, quick feet, and blazing speed if they wish to compete in the top tier of the game. I also believe that whether it be a RB tandem such as a smash n dash, or a single back such as a Clinton Portis who combines power with speed, you also need that power running game that we are now missing with Peyton being sidelined by injury.

    In the Carolina game I couldn't help but compare our lack of effectiveness in the rushing attack against what we showed ourselves capable of in the Jets game. So many times our backs were stopped for little or no gain on the play and I just had the mental image of Hillis running over some of the tacklers.

    I hope Pope is capable of showing the type of power we need in the last few games. I hope he can stay healthy and make a contribution in the playoffs as well. If we are to have any balance at all in our offense? I'm afraid my hopes at least, rest solely with him. Selvin and Tatum may make some flashy runs before this season ends but I just don't have a lot of faith in either of them being able to grind out short yardage situations. Will we perhaps see Spencer Larsen come back into the offense as a fullback? Is it possible that in short yardage we put him back there in a single back set and ask him to pick up those tough yards?

    Wiser minds than mine will have to answer those questions I suppose. Just to satisfy my curiosity though? Does anyone else agree that we do need a Peyton Hillis, or a RB of his style to fully complement the passing game and give them the balance we need to be successful in the post season?

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