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    I posted this in another thread but feel it's relevant here:

    Here's my take...

    I'm not going to sit here and excuse anyone or anything or take comfort in the fact that Denver 'shouldn't be' in this position anyway, given 'expectations'. The simple fact is the Broncos had a 3 game lead in this division with 3 games to go, and they choked it away. No one has yet to pinpoint a situation in which a team leading their division blew a 3 game lead with 3 games to go, so if Denver winds up losing to San Diego next week, they may be the first. Regardless of what you expected of this team or how you feel about the direction they're going, that's not something that can be overlooked.

    Furthermore, this is the 2nd game in 3 years in which 'everything' was on the line against a team that had nothing to play for and the Broncos failed to capitalize, going back to the San Fransisco game in the 2006 season. Again, that's not something that can be explained away or overlooked.

    The playcalling throughout this game today was atrocious. The lack of running game in the 2nd half (or at least the appearance of a running game) was mind boggling. Although Cutler didn't play terribly, you have to wonder if he and some of the other core players on this team have what it takes to win these types of games. And the defense? What can you even say about them anymore? It's such a joke and so embarrassing as a fan that I really could give a rip at this point if they fire all the players and coaches associated with it and started over. It's just shocking how terrible they've become.

    I'm not blaming Shanahan. I'm not blaming Cutler. I'm not blaming defense. And I'm not blaming injuries. I'm blaming EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. There is no excuse for losing this game today with so much on the line. How can you be positive going forward when this team proves totally incapable of winning these types of games?

    As far as next week...naturally, all will be forgiven if Denver winds up pulling out the miracle and defeats San Diego. But this isn't Atlanta or New York - we're not going to sneak up on the Chargers. The Chargers feel they were screwed in the 2nd week of the season, and adding injury to insult, Cutler has called out their QB, who just so happens to be playing like the best QB in the league, despite his absence from the Pro Bowl this season. I'd be shocked if this game ended in anything other than a Charger blowout victory. And then where will this team be?

    I just don't even know what to say. This loss stings pretty bad, and I don't see many of the players or coaches recovering well from it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KozmicKlown View Post
    Lol. Repeatedly Merged. Thank you for the humor mods!
    You're welcome, it was getting a bit ridiculous with all the posters having the same idea to repeatedly tell us that fact, even though it was already posted numerous times.
    The Game Day Thread: Year 15 Now in progress.

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    we cant lose to the chargers.

    we just cant.

    idk how i will ever come back to these boards or watch a bronco game again if we lose.
    white sox are done, broncos looking strong, lakers gonna win it all again.

    Quote Originally Posted by raylewis52 View Post
    you guys are the saddest team in nfl right now! 8-8 will win the west,.thats just a joke. there will be 6-8 teams sitting home with better records,
    smart fans, eh?

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    Stuck in AFC North region


    Quote Originally Posted by goldnmonkey View Post
    Whats up with our red zone offense recently?? At the beginning of the season we where scoring everytime we had a chance and now we are only on field goals? Obviously the running game is a big part of the problem but is jay making slower decisions right now??
    That is not true. Tony Sheffler fumbled in the red zone against the Saints. We missed another opportunity against the Jaguars when Brandon Marshall lost it. In fact, we have the worst turnover margin - or used to at one point - with a lot more giveaways than takeaways. Our offense seemed to be sleeping when we hosted the Buccaneers. Special teams and defense won that game. So we really were far from scoring touchdowns every time we were in the red zone. I think you are too upset to think straight right now and need to calm down.

    Cutler seemed to be slower making decisions because the helmet speakers did not work during the second half, so getting the play call required going to the sideline after every play. I am sure he wanted to make decisions quicker.
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    Great points about in all honesty was suppose to be a rebuilding year, but you can't hide the 3 game lead choke job. Isn't the captain suppose to go down with the ship? When will Shanny be accountable for anything? Sure there have been injuries, but when a team collapses like this, there is a definite lack of leadership if the players are not going to hold themselves accountable.

    Chargers will stomp next week because the only thing consistent about this team is their lack of heart. More times than not, when the going got tough (the Faders game, the Panthers game, the Pats game), this team has folded like cheap patio furniture.

    This collapse is a marker of how far they are from contending, and it starts with the organizational management and Shanny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlyBronco View Post
    This is whats wrong with you bly haters, No rational thinking or subjective thinking at all. No facts, just blind hate and finger pointing for no reason. No facts, and some times I wonder if you guys even ATTEMPT to rationalize this thought process.
    are you affraid you wont get to wash his jock anymore or what. bly makes one good play for every 10-15 he gets burned on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soco9903 View Post
    are you affraid you wont get to wash his jock anymore or what. bly makes one good play for every 10-15 he gets burned on.
    This is nothing but trashy flame bait and doesnt prove anything. He hasnt even been burned 10 times this year.

    :salute!: !!Get well soon!!:salute!:

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    In fact, this game turned when Royal has the long run, but the Donkos walk away with only 3 points. The play calling by Shanny and his coaching staff has been suspect all year in the red zone. Hmmm, reminds me of when Jake the snake was at the helm. No problem moving the ball between the 20's, but inside the red zone, and it's hot potato.

    And can someone slap some sense into B-Marsh and his horizontal running after the catch? He has more fumbles because of his mindset of yards after the catch instead of just mindset of just making the catch.

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    special teams

    play calling

    thats 5 things
    go broncos

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    Quote Originally Posted by stargazer View Post
    Definately! Tough loss today, but the season is NOT over. I believe Denver can win next week!

    They CAN, yes. The question is, WILL they?

    ...I am honestly glad Detroit wasn't on our schedule this season. I'm almost certain we would have lost.

    Last edited by sbutk; 12-21-2008 at 08:27 PM.
    They're your teammates, now.
    Best of luck, TT!
    ...Always a class act - in any uniform.

    sbutk: i can see why Denver is taking TO's right now [trailing by 7, with 30 seconds left in the half]. but why Oakland???

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    What happened earlier?

    Sorry but I only caught the end of the game. Why did Denver kickoff short near the end of the game? (givin the Bills good field position) it seemed odd looking at the return stats (watchin on my iphone)

    Anyhow... my earlier take was this... I though I'd share. since it's been a hard season for all of us...

    Good Luck

    Stop the Damm Rivers vs Cutler crap !!! Geez both team have sucked this year !!

    I was mortified the way Rivers acted with the fans/Bronco players last year! Denver fans voiced their displeasure and I think Rvers LISTENED !! He's shut his mouth this year and I give him credit for his play last year while hurt and his play this year... Lets give him that credit !!!

    Cutler : Geez what a talented kid.. Great arm but I'm sorry but he's acting on the field like Rivers did on the sideline last year !!! Stop the whining !! and those stupid INT's ... Cutler has some growing up to do also..!!

    Anyhow, I look forward to a great game next week. !! Win or lose we root for the AFC West.........

    Other than that... I luv tha kid Hillis and Royal should be the rookie of the year !

    Enough said...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutlersack View Post
    I know, I know....but you had no point playing in a big mans game with so little skill it was a good run Denver *Pats on the head* now run along and try to sign a better hitter than Matt Holliday
    What the hell are you talking about?
    It's not just football, its Broncos Football, there IS a difference!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SixxGunz View Post
    Obviously, from what we saw on the Chargers highlights reel - they are ready to take on the Broncos next week! We need our boys to be on TOP of their game, and stick it to the Chargers! AND then, go on into the Playoffs, and start taking names! I know you guys can do this!!!!
    This sounds like the same gameplan against the bills!

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    How the hell did Royal not run away from those guys?

    Don't get me started on the fumbling B-Marsh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by broncofanatik View Post
    This sounds like the same gameplan against the bills!
    Precisely. Shanahan prepared for the Bills game as if it were a playoff game. This was the Broncos best effort they're capable of giving as of right now.

    So I have SERIOUS doubts that they can take that and beat the Chargers. They won't be overlooking us, and there's no way right now, we're better than them.

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