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    Yeah, they said that hours ago on tv, so we have a good chance to be the first, big deal.
    The Game Day Thread: Year 15 Now in progress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Combo1985 View Post
    the chargers dont deserve it either.... both of these teams suck. we arent good at home, i like our chances next week. i dont like our chances in the playoffs.
    are you kidding? after the luck we had at the first of the year do you think a pissed off chargers team is going to let us win at home?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justblaze2729 View Post
    im pretty excited for next week....this is the right way to end the season and no other wat would be hoping for the refs NOT to decide this game in san diego and who ever wins deserver to go in the play offs......wat do yall think??
    I expect a Cutler and Shahan choke job next weekend.

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    head coach

    how about shanahan, he obviously cant get this team to play consistently.
    This team could well blow a season long division lead next week.

    San diego will be pumped up after beating bucs while we have lost to an average team.
    Shanahan has fired everyone he can: GM, O-coordinator and D-coordinator. Isn't it time he pointed to himself and said, is it my fault??????

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    Not when you are up by three with three to play. This is a joke. I would agree with you if both teams were doing great and had 12-3 records all year, but not like this. I don't know if I want to watch the game next week. This is garbage.

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    idn let me take a guess 3 GUYS IN HIS FACE ABOUT TO LIGHT HIM UP ........regardless cutler made the throw that was needed and the corner made a great play by knocking it out of stokleys hands

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    Oh BS, Its fair yea, but it would have been just as fair if we won.

    You cannot put one missed call on a pedestal ALL SEASON. That's just pathetic. Their was more then one missed call that game and they went both ways, when are you guys going to WAKE UP and REALIZE IT.

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    I was optimistic this past week........

    But to be honest I didn't think Denver would win this game. With or without Bailey. There is no killer instinct on the team. There is no passion on the part of the players either. To play in Denver is no threat any longer for any team. This team just lacks everything it seems.
    There are no leaders and I mean from coaching to the players. I am counting them out next week as well. But, I could be surprised but I doubt it.

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    The Chargers deserve to go. They're playing their best football when it matters. We aren't. At least they won't whine about the Hochuli call. If you can't beat the Bills at home you shouldn't be in the playoffs.

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    That last pass hit Stokely in the damn hands.

    Whatever. I give us about a .000001% chance of beating SD next week.

    Oh well. We'll get a high draft pick again, right?

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    you do realize your are expecting cutler to be great in his third year . . . dude seriously are you stupid??

    also he had a guy right in his face and had to jump to get the pass off

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacMan87 View Post
    We will hear all week about that Ed Hoc call and how the Dolts will get a chance at revenge and how they belong in the post season and not Denver. And in all honesty. Do you think the Broncos have a prayer in SD? Along with the Dolts I believe Denver will play against the refs too. I normally don't say such things but I think they will be out to avenge that bad call in week 2.

    I am just completly dumbfounded that we have lost 5 out of 8 home games this year. What happened to home field advantage?
    I am sorry for saying this but we have no chance in San diego next week, they dont need any referees to kick the hell out of our sorry defense

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    Same old stuff on this site.
    Yes, we lost. We certainly don't need the "I told you so" from self proclaimed fans.
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    Official people who want Dre gone do not understand the cornerback position

    To everyone calling for his head
    Many of the times he is burned we are in zone (but you people blame him even if it isnt his zone)

    You people need to understand the corner position a little better

    or as I believe most of you are 13 year olds who just need to finish puberty

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    so a team that is one of the youngest in the league.....has multiple injuries.....and a team that already has a better record (and for that matter played better) then last year.....

    you want tons of changes?!

    this team is built to go in the right one expected this team to play as well as they did at the beginning of the season.....

    two plays messed up this game.....

    prater missing the field goal before the half and Marshall's fumble.....if those didn't happen Denver wins easy
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