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    First team ever to lose a 3 game lead with 3 left

    Unbelievable loss today for our boys. Kind of felt like the 49ers game from 2006 when we couldn't punch the ball in early in the game. With no real running game we just can't put a game away.

    Let's face it, with all the injuries to the backs and the lack of any pass rush. we just aren't a playoff team. This year has been so brutal, losing to the Chiefs and Raiders, getting killed by the Patriots and Panthers. We are just not there yet.

    I'll be watching next week and hoping we show up. It would be a shame if we just went out there and folded. But honestly, with these guys it's kind of what I expect.

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    Without Cutler this team wins three games maybe. Thank you Jay. I know you missed some throws today, but we know you have no help on offense and no rushing game. Thanks for doing your best. Hope you work hard to get better next year.

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    BLOWN... but will still get in! g2 believe! :salute!:

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    Too many to call

    Quote Originally Posted by SlyBronco View Post
    No it isn't , You must be blind or something, name one big play the guy was wide open because of Bly. ONE play today. 10 playes this Season, You CAN'T.

    you guys have NOTHING!!!!! to back up what you say. You guys just want to point the finger.
    Sorry, but there are too many to even keep them straight. You either have a man crush on him or you are delusional.

    Yes, I do want to point fingers and there is a lot of pointing to do. Dre is not the only player that needs to be gone - how about most of the so called "defense".

    Bly was brought in here to compliment Champ and we were to have the two best corners in the league. Bly has not lived up to what he was billed to be here. Sorry, but that is the truth!

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    How about a new conditioning coach? Too many pulled

    hamstrings, groins, etc. injuries other teams aren't getting as many of. Something that many need to be looked at.

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    100% Gurantee Win

    if anybody is a gambling person in the place take your house, car, wife, kids and your 401k (if you have any left) and throw it on San Diego next week. I do not care if the spread is 21 points. Bottom line Denver loses this game by 4 TD's and becomes the official laughing stock of the NFL by being the only team to piss away a 3 game lead with 3 to go....everybody forget about the Lions we know they suck everybody stop sucking on Cutlers ***** the loser still hasn't had a winning season since high school, quit kissing Shanny's ass he's way too predictable, this whole team sucks and I cannot officially wait till next Sunday at about 8pm when this terrible season is OVER!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emancipator View Post
    Same old stuff on this site.
    Yes, we lost. We certainly don't need the "I told you so" from self proclaimed fans.
    When I get bashed for speaking my opinion. Yea i need to say " I told You so".
    Go Hard or Go Home

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    I love Broncos dearly but it is going to be so hard to watch next weeks game.

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    Once again the diference is....

    Once again the difference turns out to be a turnover. When you make like Pillsbury the team is going to have their cake and eat it too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaboyer View Post
    To everyone calling for his head
    Many of the times he is burned we are in zone (but you people blame him even if it isnt his zone)

    You people need to understand the corner position a little better

    or as I believe most of you are 13 year olds who just need to finish puberty
    I guess I'm lost (and I'm 31 btw), but with the ball on the 3 and Bly plays 7 yards deep in the endzone, how is that being a good CB? Straight pass for an arm crunching 3 yards and it's a TD with Bly standing in the first row with the fans. ***??????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Botan View Post
    Yeah, because Cutler had a running game, and a defense to help him out right?
    Jay didnt have a running game when he led us down there. He didnt have a running game for most of the game and yet he got us inside the 20 at least 5 times. And what happened when we got down there? Field goals, an int, and a failed 4th down.

    You people are so quick to praise Cutler for everything and blame everyone else for everything that goes wrong.

    I like Cutler, I really do. But the guy just cant seem to win. Hes just not there when we need him to be. And dont give me crap that hes young and he needs time to mature. Matt Ryan is a rookie and he took the "didnt expect anything out of this team" Falcons to the playoffs. Roethlisberger won the Super Bowl in his second year. Tom Brady did the same thing.

    If you keep on attributing Cutler's mistakes to youth then the way hes going its gonna take him a long time to develop.

    Call me a Cutler hater. Call me whatever you want. But Denver fans are going to have to realize that Cutler has yet to show that hes the savior everyone thinks he is. I believe he can be, but not yet.
    LET 'ER BUCK!!!
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    yes.....letting the players come back NEXT week without having some gametime experience in weeks.....that's the smart coaching move?!

    in a game that decides who wins the west.....

    seriously Denver needed Bailey back.....and those players who were injured NEEDED to get some real game time play in.....
    "I'm also serious when I say: You can't stop Elvis Dumervil; you can only hope to contain him." -Peter King-

    -The best in the business-

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    Seriously, Cutler played great IMO.

    Im excited for next week.
    If you're not improving . . . chances are you're not going to win. - Mike Shanahan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justblaze2729 View Post
    one call can change a whole season and that hoculi call did exactly that so next week for the west is whats right
    What, What makes this call so much more important then ALL THE 100 OTHER MISSED CALLS. The other calls could have just as much cost or gave the teams the game. SO WHAT THEN makes THIS ONE call so IMPORTANT???

    :salute!: !!Get well soon!!:salute!:

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    Quote Originally Posted by mx_stiles13 View Post
    You act like that's bad? Denver just proved that they don't belong with the "top" teams in the playoffs. Instead of getting slaughtered by the Colts, say hello to a high draft pick and in return a LB, Safety, RB who will help us compete as a legit team next year.
    We won't be a legit anything until we get a defensive scheme and stick with it. It's like someone is controlling these guys like a Madden D on PS2. It's silly. I think even with a halfway decent D it wouldn't matter how many HBs we went through.

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