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    Someone needs to confirm or deny this. This is the key to the whole story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southstander View Post
    If Coach McDaniels is a liar as B4Bronco6 says he is. What does that make Jay, if what Jay Marriotti said on Around the Horn is true. According to Marriotti, Cutler demanded a trade when Coach Jeremy Bates went to USC?

    If this is the case why is he mad about the possiable trade? It is starting to look like Cutler is not the right fit for Denver. He got mad about Coach Shannahan and Coach Bates leaving. Now he is upset that the Broncos tried to accomidate his demand to be traded.

    Cutler needs to grow the heck up, and keep his pie hole shut.
    I think he got that from Peter King. Either way, if he did say that (I doubt) then it would have been brought to all our attentions MUCH earlier, like, when he said it. That "quote" from Jay is just ppl trying to write about something they "think" may have happened/said.


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    1. Cutler won't be traded for another current NFL QB.

    2. Cutler is not on the market.

    3. The only reason for the interest was because Matt Cassel could have possibly been acquired and Cassel was tight with McDaniels and McDaniels KNEW how good he was (and probably, through several years of working with him at New England, and through loyalty to him, probably believed he was better than Cutler.)

    4. Now KC has Cassel, so it's a mute point.

    5. If Cutler continues to be a pain and starts making trade demands and reconciliation starts going sideways, then (and only then), a slim, slim, SLIM outside chance a package of draft picks and maybe a key position player thrown in - might kindle some interest by the Broncos.

    6. But we'd have to put ourselves in a position to get one of the top 3 QB's in this draft, or snag a decent vet for the short term.

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    I can't believe people. Cutler had the right to be upset. anyone in their right mind wouldn't even thought about trading your franchise qb. You say spoiled, I say talented. Their isn't one other qb playing the game right now or in the draft that I would take over Cutler. You say he's arrogant, thats what it takes to be productive at that possition. I'm tickled Cutler is and always be a Bronco. Things will smooth over for McD. and Cutler and they will produce. Can't wait till season gets here.

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    This is why the media shouldn't be trusted. One of these two reports have to be false.

    I'm guessing it's that Cutler ever asked for a trade, cause he's obviously upset, and wouldn't be if he had previously asked for one.

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    How the hell is davey allowed to stay with his nonsense? Mods? Anyone?

    Seems a bit over the top... OVER AND OVER...
    In Manning I trust.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MileHighInNY View Post
    Yeah, last year was clearly Jay's fault.
    No it was the defenses fault that Cutler threw some of the dumbest INT's I have ever seen. You people are sheep, this kid can't stay out of his own way. Marshall either. They could both have the world if they would shut UP and stay out of the news.
    It's not just football, its Broncos Football, there IS a difference!

    God, why didn't I call Mr. Bowlen back?[URL=""][/URL]

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    Quote Originally Posted by BroncoFanFromSD View Post
    No. Mcnabb is 9 years pro. Cutler is two years pro and is already around his skill level.

    And exactly how many wins does Culter have compared to Mcnabb in those 3 years...

    GG you lose.

    I would trade Cutler for McNabb and a 2nd or early 3rd anyday of the week.
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    Here's a theory to the proposed question:

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    I posted this in another thread:

    Listen, Jeremy Bates was granted permission to start looking for a new job on January 13th....

    He could have remained with the Broncos, but since McD was coming in to CALL the plays, it was only a matter of time before he found a new job to his liking.

    A couple of days later, McD and Cutler FINALLY talked for the first time.

    "We had a great conversation about where we're going, what we're going to do and some of the things we've done in New England in the past and some of the things they did here," McDaniels told KCNC-4. "We had a very, very lively conversation. I can't wait to meet him."
    "I think that's just time spent and effort put in on his part, my part, the quarterback coach's part, whoever it is that is working with him at that particular time," said McDaniels, who replaced Mike Shanahan. "We're going to work hard to get (Cutler) just as comfortable with my system and this system as he was in Mike's system."
    They had a POSITIVE interaction. BOTH are excited.

    McD wouldn't lie about the conversation they had... right? No.. I doubt he'd lie in this situation.

    If Jay were to have been pissed off for Bates dismissal, AFTER the conversation between the two, we would have known.

    That's why this whole "Cutler wanted out of Denver after Bates was let go" is so premature and pure media hype.

    It's history, and the comment was made BEFORE he and McD talked.

    After the talk, Jay said:

    I think its a good thing. Looking back on it, obviously everyone was shocked and disappointed to see Mike go, but a month removed from it I can kind of see their reasoning why they made the move. Youre at a place so long, some of the stuff gets repetitive, you hear the same stories and same talks and sometimes its time to move in.
    Since then and up to this weekend, Jay had nothing but good and exciting things to say about the coach and the upcoming season.

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    Be very upset, but still an avid fan and supporter of the team and McDaniels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJA View Post
    Care to share your source of that information avs?
    "We don't want to trade Jay," McDaniels said Saturday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReleaseTheBeast7 View Post
    McDaniels is our coach. If he wants to move on to another QB I'll fully learn to accept it.

    A coach and QB need a great friendship to succeed. McDaniels and Cutler will never have that.

    As far as I'm concerned, we'll be better off without Cutler.
    Okay, so McDaniels is Our coach, how long has that been? Yeah and how long has Cutler been with us? You guys act like us Cutler fans our jumping ships. but this guys riding McDaniels jock before he's even coached a game for us. Yup shows us how much you really care about our team. Jay Cutler is the face of this team. END OF. :cutler:

    2013 Adopted Bronco - Duke Ihenacho

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    thank you TD!!!

    As i have been saying and preaching!!! He said he HAS A BIG PROBLEM with the stunt mcdaniels pulled. That big guy also 2nd TD's comments i knew i was right anyway but it sure was nice to hear it from a true bronco himself:cutler:

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    lmao that big guy is Warren Sapp I see Jaime Dukes on there as well

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