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    Quote Originally Posted by dbsoldier View Post
    I think alot of people just dont remember how good L. Wright was!!!
    Amen brother! Against SD with the Chargers ahead and less than 30 seconds left in the game Louis Wright blocks the FG attempt and runs it back for a TD. Game over right?


    Flag on the play for offsides. Mark off 5 yards and re-kick.

    Kick is up, and it's... Blocked AGAIN! Louis Wright picks it up and runs it back for the score AGAIN! No flag this time and the Broncos win by less than a TD.
    Current morale factor (on a scale of 1-10): -1000 and dropping like a lead balloon.

    Reason: Thanks a lot Bowlen, McDaniels and Cutler!

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    Wright was great but he was not at Baileys level,honestly Champ is up there with the Deion sanders Rod woodsons of the world champ will probably be a first or second ballet hall of famer

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    Willie Brown.

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    You definitly got 1 and 2 right

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    Champ is the best...I love all AT, and Buckley and Crocket ha

    but Champ is the best CB to ever play the game...and whoever was talking about how he gets burned more...what are you talkin' about...with champ healthy, I've seen him get burned twice...??? and I watch every game

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