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    Dashboard Confessional, I'm a huge acoustic nut so I loved their old stuff the new stuffs not bad but I really prefer the acoustic early sound.

    Next after that would be switchfoot and then probably lifehouse. Though I probably like lifehouses new stuff more than anything they've done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RodSmithRules View Post
    I can't like Slipknot because I listen to death metal as well?

    Slipknot is fun, that's all. If I want real metal, I listen to something like Death or Bloodbath.
    Death is probably one of the best "real" metal bands of all time, atleast in my opinion.
    Props to Peerless^
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    AFI, I once saw them play a show in a bowling alley in Chicago. I loved them in high school (Black Sails In The Sunset is absolute awesomeness), now they are getting a little bit glammy.

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    I used to see The Fray a lot around Denver back before they blew up.

    Although it was more by accident because they were opening for bands I did want to see that went nowhere.

    And THAT'S, the Cosmic Perspective.

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