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  • Broncos win by 14+ points

    29 10.86%
  • Broncos win by 8 - 13 points

    41 15.36%
  • Broncos win by 4 - 7 points

    86 32.21%
  • Broncos win by 1 - 3 points

    58 21.72%
  • Patriots win by 1 - 3 points

    8 3.00%
  • Patriots win by 4 - 7 points

    23 8.61%
  • Patriots win by 8 - 13 points

    13 4.87%
  • Patriots win by 14+ points

    9 3.37%
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    Pick the winner of the Broncos vs. Patriots game...

    Well, 4-0 is 4-0.

    Into town come the New England Patriots, with Tom Brady back in the saddle. Despite being 4-0, you can be fairly certain the Broncos will be underdogs yet again.

    The Broncos' D. McDaniels vs. Bellichick. Champ vs. Moss. Dumervil vs. anyone. Lots to like about this one.

    What do you think? Please vote in the poll but feel free to make exact predictions. I'll post the winners in the following game's thread.


    Congrats to last week's winners who picked both the winning team and margin of victory:

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    That's quite a list!
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    my guess is you are going with a Bronco win?good on ya.
    I really like Cheese.

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    Broncos by 3 or 7!

    This will be a tough tough game though imo.
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    Not gonna give us any time to enjoy this one.

    But damn.. i just love this team so much. If we can win this week, it will be HUGE.

    I really hope we do. Damn, I'm getting excited.
    Just 1 of 2 undefeated AFC Teams.

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    I predict that our D will really really bother Brady. I also think Orton and the O will gell together more and I predict that we could win by 14 points. I really think that at least one touchdown we will lead by at the win possible as much as 10 points ....

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    Denver, Colorado
    24-16 Broncos

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    The pats scare me a lot more than Dallas, but I still think we pull it off.

    Today, we shut down the #1 rushing offense in the league. We can do the same thing to New England. That means it's up to the passing game. With Dallas, no problem (romo sucks). Brady is a different story. But if the D can keep getting pressure, we've got a good shot at it.

    Denver 27-21

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    I saw NE and Denver at mile high years ago when both teams were undefeated, wanna say 4-0 as well.

    We hammered them down!

    If we play like we did this week we will lose.

    Gonna wait until I see injuries and other stuff before I make my call
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    I watched the Pats/Ravens game today and we got our hands full. Brady still isn't a 100%, so better playing them now, than later when he is has it all together. Time for the big time, and see what we have as a team. This will be a great game.

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    Broncos lose by a field goal. Pats hand you guys your first lose. 24-21

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrideisBears View Post
    Broncos lose by a field goal. Pats hand you guys your first lose. 24-21
    Idiot!!! Another tough win...
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    @ Jav

    Broncos win no matter what eh?

    I chose the blue choice Broncos win by 7

    Just like today's game, we will win by a touchdown probably in the 4th quarter too.

    Broncos 27
    Patriots 20

    And doesn't this feel great Bronco fans???
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    Broncos 20
    Patriots 13

    McDaniels provides invaluable insight into the Patriots' offensive schemes and Dumervil goes to town on an inconsistent Matt Light, hitting Brady for 2+ sacks.
    Anyone seen Jake Plummer?

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    I say we take them by seven. 14-7 I think we can get to Brady and with Mcd's knowledge of the O and the D, he'll give us the insiders edge.

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    Broncos by 14.

    Oh yes I've fully restocked my fridge with Orange Koolaid. I used it all up arguing with the local Chiefs and Cowgirl fans, telling them how the Broncos were going to beat Dallas and Tony Bromo.


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