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    Cmon.. two picks, playing like crap and it's not his fault. Sure, our interior Oline is getting owned, but Orton is playing terribly tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MileHiWildcat View Post
    Chargers smell blood in the water.
    I was just thinking this same thing..... We better get it together, cause if we don't win the division, our season might end very quickly.....

    Kind of felt it coming thought to be honest...
    A super bowl victory is the only thing that matters in a season. So to show improvement you have to get closer than we were last year. So the AFCC game is a good answer if we only match what we did last year it is a failure. The Giants were 9-7 and won it all so record or first round bye mean nothing unless you win it all-

    #87Birdman wrote it- adding Manning, the Broncos should be held to it, and certain posters think otherwise and we know who you are.....

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    I agree, Champ's time is done. LIke I said last year

    We should have traded him a year ago when he still had value. Now I would be surprised if he could bring much more than a 4th round pick if we unload him in the off-season.

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    Stopped reading after like paragraph 15. Write a book next time.

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    I'm not jumping off anything but I think we have been officially exposed in the last 2 games. We have no running game to speak of and if the opposing team blitzes we dont have the Oline to slow them down enough to allow Kyle ot throw the ball down the field. Face it.....we are hosed until we fix our OL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rush_limbaughII View Post
    Tatum Bell had some ocassional bursts of speed. I have not have seen that in Moreno. Moreno is officially a BUST!
    Actually, he looked pretty god against Baltimore. Pretty dumb post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UberBroncoMan View Post
    We should make the playoffs if we beat Indy/Philly/NYG - just one of them and San Diego.

    The rest is Washington - KC 2X - Oakland
    The way they are playing now -- the only games they win win are home vs KC and OAK, and MAYBE at Wash.


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    "Denver's o-line (minus Clady) blows - they couldnt stop an old lady, and until they get it done forget offensive success."

    Well at least you were right on something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RunYouOver View Post

    What a joke...

    I suppose the blame's always gotta fall on someone, no one will rest easy until they can point a finger and scream at a guy who doesn't give a crap what they think about them.
    I know right!

    Forums like these shouldn't even exist, because it seems people can't even voice an opinion without someone like you telling them what they should think and/or believe.

    What a joke....

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    actually the fact is we cant throw the deep ball so the defense just loads up the box with eight or nine guys and just plays the run and short passes. If orton cant throw the deep ball, you cant stretch the defense, you cant stretch the defense you cant throw short passes or run.

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    I must say I have to agree. Im sick and tired of the singleback two te sets and shotgun sets. The scheme needs to change NOW!!! We need to bring back zone blocking scheme, put Hillis at FB and run the freaking ball. We dont have the personnel to power block at all.

    I admired the playaction tonight but the defense adjusted to everything and McD kept running the samething. The problem is the gameplanning and playcalling. We have weapons to stretch the field and we are not doing it one bit.

    The offense is putting the defense and hugh disadvantages and its not right. They almost gave up tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spyder View Post
    When you don't trust your QB, nothing good is ever going to happen.

    There's a reason guys like Chad Pennington, Brian Griese, Kyle Orton, essentially the dink and dunk types, never win anything in this league. They're never going to win anything for you and when they start to make the big time mistakes, as Orton did tonight, you start to realize how horrible of an offensive system this really is.
    That's very well put. I mean honestly, close your eyes and envision a Super Bowl celebration as the clock winds down. Do any of you see Kyle Orton hoisting the Lombardi?

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    If your a real fan would'nt you feel pissed right now? This was a pathetic game by our offense... hats off to the D. But still We will bounce back though... all we need is time.
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    i can understand not having a running game tonight, face it they are a good defense against the run.... but for us not to move and not have a 1st down is stupid!! we do have marshall, royal, stokley!!!!!!!!!
    WE NEED A BETTER QB we already have the weapons

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    I dont know about bust.....yet. But unless he gains some speed and learns how to break a tackle, that will be coming soon.......ok he is definatly a bust.... But what do you expect from 3rd round talent
    Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pride

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