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Did you watch it? It was either get parts for my lifted subaru or the fight and i had to go with the parts.

Seemed like it was a really good action packed fight. Gotta give some respect to thurman as he can take a punch. I wpuldve been down for a month after taking that body shot...

I was also impressed that thurman didnt gas out. Some people think that pac is just speed but he has quite a bit of power. Thurmans face afterwards tells the story....not as bad as margs face but you can tell who took more punishment.

Not sure who thurman should fight next. I dont want to see pac fight kahn. If he is going to fight spence it should be next (at this point i dont think hed win but it would still be an interesting fight).
Yeah, it was a pretty good fight. Not much really surprised me. I was a little surprised that Pacquiao didn't really move at all despite his age. The only time he really showed angles like vintage Pacquiao was when he had Thurman covering up, where he would slide off to the side and turn Thurman. Thurman just does't have the counter punching ability of a JMM, where he can time Pac or set traps, and that was a problem for him when he let Pac get his combinations going. I did expect Thurman to tighten up his punching in this fight, and for the most part he did. He did a good job of using his straight right also. He doubled it a lot, and that's what you have to be doing against Pac. He just didn't press the action enough. I really think he was hurting Pac to the body at the end of the 3rd round. I know he clipped him later on (can't remember which round it was) with a right hand. Pac did a fantastic job of recovering. Thurman always gets hurt bad to the body, but he somehow always weathers it. The guy is definitely tough. He just made a huge mistake underestimating how long Pac's punches are in the first round. Pac shoots these endless combinations where he's coming forward the entire time, and Thurman wasn't ready for it.

You know what really surprised me, is that Thurman did hit Pac with a lot of big shots, but couldn't put him down. I really thought he'd score a flash knockdown with one of those big right hands, and it just never happened. I've always thought of Pac as one of the best fighters of all time, but I actually have more respect for him after watching this fight.

If history is any indicator, Thurman will probably take a lot of time off. Roach says that Thurman hasn't been the same since his shoulder injury, but I'm not so sure. I think ring rust has been more of an issue for him in his recent fights. He probably needed another fight before Pacquiao, but he doesn't make excuses, so I won't make one for him. I don't know what Pac's next fight will be, but the end game has to be Spence or Crawford. Otherwise, he might as well retire.