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    Trade #1:
    Packers send S Atari Bigby and DT Cullen Jenkins to the Raider for G Cooper Carlisle and 3rd rd pick

    With next years defensive line to feature Johnny Jolly, Ryan Pickett and B.J Raji, Jenkins was simply left out of place, he wanted a trade and we simply complied with his requests. Bigby is a prove safety and his talent cannot be denied, but a simple matter of fact is that when you can only get onto the field less than 6 times a year, you don't hold much worth and that's the way our front office saw it. In return we grabbed a high end 3rd round pick which will be used to provide some excellent depth as well as an experience guard in Cooper Carslile who will feature as our premier back-up interior lineman and just the same could walk in and start from day 1.

    Trade #2:
    Packers send A.J. Hawk and a 2nd rd pick to the Browns for a 2nd, 3rd and 5th rd picks

    AJ was a very servicable player in his time at Green Bay and provided us with some excellent work at the outside linebacker position since 2006 in the 4-3 defence. However with a shift to the 3-4 under Dom Capers, we feel he doesn't fit in at TED linebacker. The Browns however did think they could incorporate him into their plans and the trade was made from there. I feel we got adequate value in a 5th rounder, 3rd rounder and a swap in 2nds which resulted in a value similar to that of an early 3rd on the TVC.

    Trade #3:
    Atlanta sends RB Jerious Norwood to the Packers for a 4th and 6th rd picks

    Bo Jackson, our current 3rd down and COP back hasn't cut it in the view of the front office. Norwood however is one of the elite change of pace backs in the league and will be a great backup in the scenario Ryan Grant goes down injured. We gave up merely a 4th and 6th rounder for a player who will play every 3rd down, at least 10-15 snaps a game and could be returning punts and/or kickoffs. Solid value in the FO's opinion.

    Trade #4
    Packers receive C Jason Brown from the Rams in exchange for WR James Jones.

    The Packers offensive line was one of the reasons why the team couldn't make it all the way to the superbowl. The final play in the shootout against the Cardinals was great evidence to this. The addition of Jason Brown, a top 10 centre in the league for our 4th wideout on the depth chart was a great move. We've hardly altered our receiving stocks, yet at the same time added a vital cog to our offensive line who can come in and start and center from day one.

    Trade #5:
    Packers send their first round pick to the Ravens for OT Jared Gaither.

    The offensive line is going to get a fair working over this offseason with now the addition of LT Jared Gaither. Chad Clifton over the past 10 years had been elite, but last year he showed signs his age was catching up to him and that the end was near. Enter Gaither, a 24 year old franchise LT from the Ravens who have one of the best offensive lines in the leauge. It was a hefty price to pay in the form of a 1st rounder, but he's a better tackle than anything we're going to get at that spot in the draft and will step in to be Aaron Rodger's blindside protector immediately with Clifton kicking to right tackle or left guard now.

    Trade #6:
    Packers send TE Donald Lee to the Rams for their 6th round pick (160th)

    The Rams rang up a week before the deadline and inquired about the services of Jermichael Finley. We quickly told them off and they asked about Donald Lee instead. A 6th rounder was agreed upon and that was that. Lee was a servicable tight-end, but with the emergence of Finley, one of the better receiving TE's in the league there was no place for him in the line-up on a consistent basis. This 6th round selection will be used to bring in some youth and sure up the future of the franchise.

    Overall outtake:

    At the expense of a couple of injury prone defensive players, and unsuccessful 5th overall pick in our system and a couple of easily expendible skill players, we picked up some quality picks later on in the draft as well as reworking over our offensive line completely. The line is younger, stronger and more agile than last year's and could be the last vital cog in a deeper playoff run this season. The team this year is most definitely stronger than that of last.

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    Cleveland Browns GM mock offseason

    Trade #1: Derek Anderson and Jamal Lewis to Philadelphia for 6th round 31st pick.

    Reasoning: Derek Anderson played horribly and used the media to attack Browns fans. Since free agents went back to their previous teams, it was best to get rid of him cheap. Jamal Lewis likely will retire, but since no formal announcements have been made he went back to the Browns. So, I figured I would give a "package" deal to get rid of dead weight. The Browns are moving in a different direction at RB with Harrison and the newly acquired Hillis.

    Trade #2: Shaun Rogers and 6th round 17th selection to San Diego for 3rd round 28th selection.

    Reasoning: Shaun Rogers was gained by the Browns by offering a player and a 3rd round selection to the Lions when he was originally acquired. So, naturally I would expect similar compensation for Rogers. Rogers is still a good nose tackle. His play on special teams (blocking field goals) has come in handy. But, the Browns are moving in another direction with Rubin starting at NT. This 3rd round selection will come in handy in the draft and will be used to draft hopefully either a depth player in the defense or perhaps shore up the offense.

    Trade #3: Sending 2nd round 6th pick, 3rd round 21st pick, 5th round 3rd pick to Green Bay for AJ Hawk and 2nd round 24th pick

    Reasoning: Many Browns fans wanted the team to draft AJ Hawk when he was available. However, the Browns were not able to select him. This makes amends for that missed call. With the departure of Wimbley the hope is that Hawk will be able to fill in at OLB opposite Roth. In the Packers 3-4 Hawk was moved to ILB. But, he is of similar size to Wimbley and hopefully he can make the adjustment. Similar to how the Browns in real life traded for Gocong.

    Trade #4: Sending 3rd Round 29th selection to Philadelphia for Sheldon Brown

    Reasoning: I made this move to help shore up the defensive secondary on the eve of the draft. Haden was a real possibility at #7 for the Browns and this clears up that spot for other needs. Now CB is no longer a major need of the team just as in real life. This move was made because it was done in real life, so Sheldon Brown is now a Brown in this mock and in real life.

    So, there you have it. My busy offseason. I may not have made any "big" moves. But these moves were done to shore up the defense prior to the draft as well as gaining more draft picks.
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    lol Sheldon Brown is a Brown.

    Should be more players named Brown playing for the Browns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukic View Post
    lol Sheldon Brown is a Brown.

    Should be more players named Brown playing for the Browns.

    I think Tyler Perry made a movie about that.

    It's called Meet the Browns!!

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    Eagles GM Mock Trades-

    Trade 1-

    DE Chris Clemons/4th rd pick(125) for DE Daryl Tapp- this trade is a good way for the Eagles to bolster a pass rush that has little outside of Trent cole....Tapp provides another pass rushing element to be used in different sets, the cost of a 4th rd pick and a DE that wasnt in new GM justin's smiths plan was worth it.

    Trade 2-

    4th rd pick(119) to Tampa for 5th rd pick(150)/SS Jermaine Phillips- This trade bolsters a secondary backfield in need of a solid vet presence and some physicality, Sean jones was horrible last year, and quintin demps wasnt much better, outside of a young rookie in macho harris and a middle tier guy in Quintin mikell SS was a big need. Phillips provides better coverage ability and more physicality at a position of need, with Marlin jackson being obtained in FA the need was still high for safety help due to marlin's injury history.

    Trade 3-

    6th rd pick(191)to Clevland for QB Derek Andersen, Rb Jamal Lewis- This trade was because new GM justin smith didnt like vick at all and wanted another Qb on the roster, that he felt could step in right away with correct coaching. Jamal lewis provides some vet presence for rookie Lesean mccoy and while he doesnt have much left in the tank he does provide a good short and goaline option. 2 key role players for a 6th rd pick were well worth it.

    Trade 4

    RB Brian westbrook to Sd for 6th rd pick- This trade was ineveitable, westbrook was no longer wanted in philly due to his injury histroy, and Mccoy is the new man, it was basically the first team that wanted him.

    Trade 5-
    WR Kevin Curtis for RB Fred Taylor- This trade helps deepen a backfield with really only lesean mccoy, and now a goalline option in lewis. Westbrook seems be on the way out so the need to replace him is big...taylor offers back-up ability for Mccoy.

    Trade 6-

    Max gean giles signed by Oakland(RFA tender) for pick 103(4th rd)- Perhaps the Eagles should have tendered Giles higher as the raiders swooped in on the RFA and made him a very good offer. Compensation returned was a 4th rd pick

    Trade 7-

    Qb Michael Vick To Oakland for 7th rd pick(223)- New GM justin smith isnt a wildcat fan and, wanted to rid philly of the vick image, plus he had 2 dgos of his own and just couldnt get the vick incident out of his head....

    Trade 8-

    QB Kevin Kolb and S Quintin Demps to St louis for DE Lenoard Little, G Mark Setterstrom, 3rd rd pick(65)- This trade was a shocker, New Gm justin smith fully endorsed Mcnabb, which sent ripples through the org, including with Kolbs agent, he did the next best thing for his client and worked a trade out of Philly, While kolb has flashed potential, Mcnabb is a proven starter and Smith wants to win now. DE leonard little is a upgrade over current LDE victor Aribimi and provides a pass rush capability as well. G mark setterstrom adds depth to a guard core losing andrews and that has lost giles and Quintin demps has failed to live up to his draft expectations in philly

    Trade 9-

    7th rd pick(223) to Atlanta for DT Thomas Johnson- with a solid DT core, GM justin smith wanted a little back end depth for TC and figured a young guy like johnson could provide some good competition in camp

    Trade 10-

    5th rd pick (150) to Dallas for G montrae Holland- This trade gives Philly a instant Starter at RG in the wake of losing andrews. Montrae fits the physical style philly likes and with the loss of andrews a starter at RG was a need.

    Trade 11-

    OT Jason Peters to San Francisco for 2nd(41) and 5th rd(140) picks- This trade was simply because Jason peters isnt great LT. The eagles feel that Todd Heremans is a better option at LT for the time being than peters and with Montrae Holland and Mark setterstrom being added at Guard Herremans move outside to LT will be easy...he rated much better as a LT the year prior than peters did last year. New Gm justin smith is fixing a wrong the old managemnt cretaed becasue they didnt have a clue.

    Trade 12-

    Cb Sheldon brown To Clevland for 3rd rd pick(93)- Sheldon brown wanted a new contract and with ellis hobbs coming off injury, and being liked by the org, The eagles felt they could find a replacement in a deep Cb draft.

    Short Version Below


    DE Daryl Tapp, SS Jermaine Phillips, QB Derek Andersen, RB Jamal Lewis, RB Fred Taylor, DE Leonard Little, G Mark Setterstrom, G Montrae Holland, DT Thomas Johnson


    G Max Giles, S Quintin Demps, QB Kevin Kolb, RB Brian westbrook, OT Jason Peters, CB Sheldon Brown

    2010 Draft picks

    3)65(St louis)
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    Arizona Cardinals Offseason Report

    Arizona Cardinals had a tumultuous start to the offseason. Pro Bowl QB Kurt Warner retired, OLB Bertrand Berry retired, Franchise Player ILB Karlos Dansby left via free agency, and in 2 cost effective moves WR Anquan Boldin was traded and FS Antrel Rolle was released. That is 5 of 22 starters gone for the Cardinals that need replaced this offseason. Arizona tried to address those vacancies through trades and free agent acquisitions:

    Trade #1

    Arizona sent WR Anquan Boldin and 5th rd pick to Baltimore for a 3rd and 4th round pick in 2010.

    Disgruntled injury prone WR finally sent off for draft picks. New QB means new philosophy and Boldin did not fit.

    Trade #2

    Arizona sent 2010 original 4th rd pick and 2011 7th rd pick to New York Jets for S Kerry Rhodes.

    The release of Antrel Rolle, created a hole at FS. The Cardinals felt R. Johnson was not quite ready to take over the reins just yet, so they pulled the trigger on a suitable replacement at FS.

    Trade #3

    Arizona sent 2010 1st rd pick (#26) to Buffalo for ILB Paul Posluszny and 2010 3rd rd pick (#72).

    Cardinals F.O. felt the ILB depth in this years draft class was very shallow and any potential starter would already be off the board. So pulling the trigger for a quality starter was only logical.

    Trade #4

    Arizona sent 2010 4th rd pick (#120) and OT Mike Gandy to Detroit for OLB Julian Peterson.

    The sudden retirement of Berry left the Cardinals in a bind. Cardinals already have young unproven talent at OLB so another veteran presence was needed. Peterson has shown throughout his career the ability to get to the QB and now he has the opportunity to concentrate on just that.

    Trade #5

    Arizona sent 2010 6th rd pick (#195) to Atlanta for FB Ovie Mughelli

    New offensive philosophy calls for the best at his position.

    Trade #6

    Arizona sent DL Alan Branch to Minnesota for QB Sage Rosenfels

    Alan Branch is now in a contract year. He has not progressed as Cardinals FO had hoped and became expendable. The retirement of Kurt Warner left Matt Leinart as the only QB on the roster and another veteran QB to push Leinart was needed.

    Trade #7

    Arizona sent OC Ben Claxton to Tennessee for 2010 7th round pick (#222)

    The FA signing of Rex Hadnot made C Ben Claxton expendable. Too many roosters in the OL hen house and Claxton's number was called.

    Trade #8

    Arizona sent 2010 3rd rd pick (#88) to Jacksonville for 2, 2010 4th rd picks (#108, #125)

    This was an opportunity for Arizona to obtain an extra mid round draft pick.

    Trade #9

    Arizona sent 2010 2nd rd pick (#58) and 2010 3rd rd pick (#72) to Tampa Bay for 2010 2nd rd pick (#39) and 2010 5th rd pick (#157)

    This was an opportunity for Arizona to get in that Draft money zone in the 2nd round. This allows Arizona to have a first crack at 1st round talent that slipped down to round 2.
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    Trade #1: TE Tony Scheffler to Jax for a 4th round pick
    Tony Scheffler wanted out of Denver and after trade talks with many teams we decided the best value we could get was a 4th round pick. With Graham and Quinn on the roster he became expendable.

    Trade #2: WR Brandon Marshall/2nd round pick to NYJ for LB David Harris/1st round pick
    Possibly the most controversial trade of the offseason, we did not intend to trade Marshall, but when the offer of David Harris and a 1st came around we couldn't resist. We felt like having four stud Linebackers was a problem we could deal with when a 1st rounder was included. We did lose our 2nd rounder, but we felt like we would be able to get one back.

    Trade #3: NYJ 1st rounder and Denver's 6th rounder for G/C Marshall Yanda, a 2nd rounder, and a 5th rounder
    We felt like the odds of being able to draft a starting C were rather dim with the rising stock of Pouncey, so we agreed to deal our 2nd 1st rounder for Yanda and a 2nd to help fix our O-line.

    Trade #4: DE Jarvis Moss and 7th to Jax for a 5th
    Jarvis Moss has done nothing for us, and we felt like the chances of him making the roster were slim. For us, we felt like exchanging a 7th for a 5th while throwing in Moss boiled down to just getting a better pick.

    Trade #5: DT Marcus Thomas to STL for a 7th
    This is basically the same situation as Moss. We didn't feel like Thomas would make the final roster with the additions of Williams, Bannan, and Green; so we felt like getting a pick for him was a win-win.

    Trade #6: CB Ty Law to Jax for a 7th
    Same as #5

    Trade #7: 5th rounder to Tampa Bay for RB Earnest Graham
    We felt like grabbing Graham for a 5th would give us a cheap, proven option as a #3 scat back that would fill in nicely if injuries should occur to Moreno or Buckhalter.

    I believe that is all my trades, but I will be checking to see if I forgot any.
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    Chicago Bears Trade period Recap
    Chicago Sun-Times

    The Bears early on let it be known that Devin Hester and Greg Olsen would be available to trade, but, only of them got dealt.

    Greg Olsen was sent to the Chiefs for the 68th overall selection. When asked to comment, GM draco193 said "We wish Greg the best. He played very well for us here. However, with the appointment of Mike Martz as our offensive coordinator, we felt it was in ours and Greg's best interest to find a system more suited to his talents. We were able to get a third round pick for him, which we feel is necessary to have in such a deep draft to try and stockpile some selections."

    A trade that was somewhat unexpected came early, with Charles Tillman being sent to Detroit for WR Bryant Johnson, and a seventh round selection. "We felt that we needed to bolster our recieving corps a bit, with someone familiar with Mike's system, and someone that can help the younger recievers we have to learn it, and excel in it. Charles will be missed, however, we are looking to get younger in our defensive secondary." draco193 said.

    On keeping Devin Hester: "We were trying to find some good value for Devin. He is a very talented player, and unless we got appropriate value for him, we weren't going to give him up. "

    When asked about his plans for the draft, draco193 commented "We've got quite a few players that were keeping our eyes on, with the draft being very talented at almost every position, we are confident we can get some players to help us immensely this year. Whether they are starting, or playing depth roles this year, were quite excited for the prospects of the future. With the earlier addition of Julius Peppers, a healthy return by Brian Urlacher, and a revamped offensive scheme, were ready to compete."

    I think Ben Tate will be the best back taken in the 2010 draft. (5/3/10)
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    Trade 1: Jets recieved Brandon Marshall and a secon round pick from the Broncos in exchange for a first and LB David Harris .

    Reasoning : going in to the offseason one of the main problems of the Jets is at WR, so why not get one of the best in the bizz. And with Rex at the helm, Brandon will surely srtaighten in the big apple

    Trade 2: Jets recieve LB Kieth Brooking in exchange for for a fifth round draft pick from the cowboys

    Reasoning: After losing pro bowl LB David Harris, i now had a hole at ILB. Kieth Brooking has been a vocal leader for years with the Falcons and Cowboys . this trade was a no brainer as kieth has proven himself as a valuable leader

    Trade 3: Jets recieve 1st round pick (21st overall) from the Bengals in exchange for two secon round picks .
    Reasoning: the old saying Quality over quantinty comes to my mind with this trade, after pulling the trigger for Marshall , i had no 1st round pick and i needed back in.
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    Vikings Offseason Transactions

    G.M ItalianBronco

    Trade #1 Vikings get Brent Grimes and a 4th round pick for Ray Edwards

    Behind the decision...

    Brent Grimes is coming off a huge year for the Hawks...He had 6 picks and stole the starting job from Chris Houston... Winfield is up there in age and Cedric Griffin is coming off an ACL... We needed to get younger, and better in the back. Ray Edwards was a 2 down player for us, although he had 8 sacks last year, we feel that this is a passing league and Brent Grimes plus a fourth was a great trade. We also feal as though we have a plan Via draft that could address DE...We feel alot of players will be GREAT playing with THE Williams's and Allen...

    Trade #2 Vikings get Thomas DeCoud SS foe Ben Leber LB

    Behind the decision...

    As I stated above, we needed this trade in a HUGE way, the Vikings feel as though they have a top 5 SS in DeCoud...All they had to give up was an aging Ben Leber. Ben has been good for us, but DeCoud will be A HUGE upgrade at SS from anything we have...With E.J Henderson coming back, plus the draft...We Know we will be strong at LB...Greenway is still Greenway...All is good with us letting go of Ben Leber for Thomas DeCoud...

    Trade #3 Vikings get Alan Branch DE/DT For QB Sage Rosenfels

    Behind the decision...

    Alan Branch is VERY,Very young... Pat Williams has one FOOT out the door...We feel as though Branch was the first pick in the second round for a reason...We as stated we feel as though ALOT of good players will look great NEXT to Allen, and The Williams's...Plus Sage was never gonna be anything but 3rd string here as long as we had a draft pick and Jackson...Alan Branch is a HUGE steal for us...And FILLS a huge hole... He was never really givin a chance, plus he has been IR'd...IWe liked Branch at Michigan...We like him as a Viking...

    There was only three needs for us as a team...CB,SS,DL... We addressed all three plus have the draft.

    We were one play away from the SB... We feel with the additions of a top 5 SS plus a Very good CB/PR (to take pressure off of Harvin), and a young DE/DT to learn from Pat and Kevin, that play is now within our grasp's...
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    Trade 1
    Patriots traded RB Fred Taylor to the Eagles for WR Kevin Curtis.

    I had already placed Randy Moss on the trading block and had intentions of trading him. I knew I needed depth and speed at the WR position. Elevation originally offered me a 6th rounder for Fred Taylor, but I decided to go player for player trade in which he accepted. I have always like Kevin Curtis, and he gives us a deep veteran threat.

    Trade 2
    Patriots trade RT Nick Kaczur and WR Julian Edelman to the Lions for the number 2 pick in the 3rd round.

    I was really impressed with Sebastian Vollmer filling in for Matt Light next year and felt one of my starting Tackles needed to be moved for a quality pick. The Lions were inquiring about Olinemen and I felt I could get in good position without taking any steps back. I really didn't want to part ways with Julian Edelman, but it was what secured the trade for me. After trading for Kevin Curtis, this gave the green light for this trade.

    Trade 3

    Patriots trade WR Randy Moss, pick #2 in the 3rd round (via Lions trade) and the Patriots 4th round pick to the Jaguars for pick #10 overall and WR Tiquan Underwood.


    Randy Moss is in his last year of his contract and I felt that if I heard the right offer, I would move him. I also stated I wanted a package deal. The Jaguars were really high on Randy Moss, and with the criticism Moss received this year about his "lack of effort," I felt it was time for him to find a new home. After some cigars and a round of golf at TPC Sawgrass, FlowdaBroncosFan and I came to an agreement that would give Randy his new home. Plus, getting into the top 10 is always a bonus.

    Trade 4

    Patriots trade disgruntled LB Adalius Thomas to the Texans for their 4th round pick.

    Adalius Thomas told me and Billy B he no longer wanted to play for the Patriots. We had to move him and the Texans said they were interested. He said he wanted to play for 3-4 team, but was being a little *****, so we traded him to a team that ran a 4-3.

    Trade 5

    Patriots trade their 6th round pick and both 7th round picks to the Rams for WR Laurent Robinson.


    We needed a quality WR and I have always liked Laurent Robinson. Probably because we used to play AAU Basketball together, but I still felt I had to trade for him. He will be given a shot to start at one of the Wide-out positions, preferably the split end. He is to me as Kenny Peterson was to Josh McDaniels.

    Trade 6
    Patriots trade RB Laurence Maroney, CB Leigh Bodden and 4th round pick (pick 20 acquired from Texans) to the Chargers for their 2nd round pick (pick #60 overall) and the Chargers 5th round pick.

    I needed to move Laurence Maroney because I have always felt he is a better player than what can be seen on his stat sheet, and this is because he is underutilized. It was just a waste of talent because he was always in Billy B's doghouse. The Chargers were high on him, but would not consummate a trade unless it involved CB Leigh Bodden. Due to both of us having limited picks as to reasonable compensation we decided to do a package deal. I now have more holes then I would like, but I was able to move up to the second round, where I believe the most talent, for a good price, can be had.
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    Beside of the Anquan Boldin Trade, the Donte Stallworth sign, the lost of Adam Terry, Bannan and Edwards the Baltimore Ravens:

    Trade #1
    Broncos send thier 2nd 1st rd selection (Jets original pick) and 6th rd selection to the Ravens for G Marshall Yanda 2nd rd and 5th rd selections
    With Grubbs in the LG spot this trade make Chester a very solid RG starter, and baltimore ravens go up to the 1st round

    Trade #2
    Raiders get: 1st rd pick
    Ravens get: Richard Seymoure
    with this trade the ravens who alredy lost 2 DEs get one of the best DE in a 3-4 and make the best tandem of 3-4 DE of the league with seymour and ngata

    Trade #3
    Packers send their first round pick to the Ravens for OT Jared Gaither.
    this is a RFA move and the ravens make michael oher the LT for the next season

    Trade #4
    Baltimore deal pick 25 in the 6th round to the Jaguars for TE Mercedes Lewis.
    The ravens with this trade fill a position of need because behind Heap there are no depth

    Trade #5
    Ravens get: DT Albert Hanesworth and a 4th round pick
    Redskins get: 1st round pick (25)
    This trade make the baltimore ravens the best d-line of the league and of recent years, haynesworth is no happy in a 3-4 because he receive a lot of attention but with seymour and ngata this will not happen also depth as pryce or kelly gregg make the defense of baltimore the best of the league.
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    Content with their roster, the Miami Dolphins believe they are only a couple of pieces away. Due to the low market values in this years FA class, they have decided to address those needs in the draft instead of parting with productive players for low end picks.

    The Miami Dolphins trades:

    1) QB Tyler Thigpen to Cowboys for pick #148.

    Although talented and young, with Chad Pennington coming back in a backup role, Tyler Thigpen became the Dolphin's 4th string QB.
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    Trade 1~ Owen Daniels for a 3rd Round pick

    This trade was done because starting next season the Texans will be moving
    away from having a receiving TE and felt it would have been unfair to keep Daniels on the team and not throw him the ball. Reason for the 3rd Round pick is because his injury scared away teams and the best they could get is a 3rd.

    Trade 2~ WR Kevin Walter and a 2nd rd and 3rd Round pick for RB Marshawn Lynch, LB Kawika Mitchell and S Donte Whitner

    The Texans felt that Kevin Walter was expendable and with the Texans needing a RB and Safety they felt that getting Lynch and Whitner was a hell of a deal furthermore the Texans Felt they needed to upgrade their LB Corp and feel that Mitchell could help them do that.

    Trade 3~ 4th round pick (#119) for LB Adalius Thomas

    Yes Thomas is a LB in a 3-4 and the Texans run a 4-3 but they hope that he can play with his hands in the dirt, And if Thomas does not workout as 4-3 DE the Texans felt they did have to give up a whole lot so it is a win win situation for them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by *Atwater* View Post
    Trade 1~ Owen Daniels for a 3rd Round pick

    This trade was done because starting next season the Texans will be moving
    away from having a receiving TE and felt it would have been unfair to keep Daniels on the team and not throw him the ball. Reason for the 3rd Round pick is because his injury scared away teams and the best they could get is a 3rd.

    Trade 2~ WR Kevin Walter and a 2nd rd pick for for RB Marshawn Lynch, LB Kawika Mitchell and 4th rd pick

    The Texans felt that Kevin Walter was expendable and with the Texans needing a RB they felt that getting Lynch was a good deal furthermore the Texans will be moving to the 3-4 next season and felt that Mitchell could play on the inside along with Ryans

    Trade 3~ 4th round pick (#119) for LB Adalius Thomas

    Once again this trade was done because of the Texans move to the 3-4 next season. With Thomas having experience in the 3-4 the low price tag and the Texans having two fourth round picks they felt this was a great trade.
    texans playing a 3-4? yeah ok. is dom capers back or something?

    good luck with that....

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