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    A Question (for non-laker fans)

    Would you rather see the Lakers win the finals this year and Jackson retiring or Boston winning and Jackson staying on for another couple of years?
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    Quote Originally Posted by milehighireland View Post
    Would you rather see the Lakers win the finals this year and Jackson retiring or Boston winning and Jackson staying on for another couple of years?
    Jackson has already confirmed that he will stay on if the Lakers win another Championship this season. Besides, no Laker coach has taken taken a team to the finals 4 years in a row, so if they lose to boston, Jackson has a good chance of coming back as well.

    Asked if he thinks he will be back with a new deal in 2010-11, Jackson said without hesitation: "Yeah."

    "The wear and tear of a season, I think, affects everybody, the travel and whatever else you have to do for an extended time," he said at the Ford Center after a Lakers shoot around in preparation for the game against the Thunder later Friday. "But, all that being said, I'm as mobile as I've ever been in the last three years. That helps. I'm dealing with less arthritic elements that are painful things going on as you age. But there are still considerations as to the duration that I will coach, simply because I have to stay attuned to that. "I look at something that happened like George Karl [the Nuggets coach who has been spending time away from the team while undergoing cancer treatment] and I just think it's a shame. You can't predict or project that as a possible situation, but he's going to miss part of the season and it's going to affect his team. I wouldn't want to put a franchise in that position when there's young healthy guys that can do the job."
    Jackson twice said he’s “90 percent” sure he’ll be back with the Lakers next season, leaving the Cavs and others to hope for that 10-percent chance of a change of heart.
    Unless health becomes an issue, IMO Jackson is wont leave until the Gasol/Bryant window is closed
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    I absolutely despise the Lakers and would never root for them EVER! Doesn't matter to me if Jackson stays or goes.

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    Hate basketball, but care enough to see Boston LOSE. No offense to all Boston fans, I just know enough personally.

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    Every time Phil Jackson wins a NBA Championship he does nothing but 3peat. So after the Lakers win this year, he will be back for another year, where they will win again.

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