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    So basically when either of them had significant starting time for a season, Grossman had more wins than Orton. And cumulatively, their W-L record is more or less the same. So without Grossman, Lovie Smith's record is likely to be below .500 as well. I don't think anyone would say that Grossman was the reason for those wins. Most rational observers would treat Orton's contribution to Chicago much the same.
    Wow. And I'm accused of looking at nothing but the stats. Rex had ONE good year as far as his win-loss record went - 2006, the Bears Super Bowl year. And you want to claim that in that year Grossman contributed as much as Orton ever did? LOOK AT HIS STATS FOR 2006!!! (link) He had FOUR GAMES with a passer rating under 40 - two of which the Bears still won. In FIVE GAMES he had 3 or more picks. Rex was carried by the Defense (#5 in the NFL that year).

    2006 was a statistical abberation in Rex Grossman's career. That's why it's apparent that he was simply carried by a good Defense & Special Teams. If the rest of the team hadn't been performing on an insane level that year, Rex would have left a crater out on the field.

    The difference with Orton is that the Bears won consistently with him. In 2005 it's easy to attribute the 10-5 record to a very good Defense (#2 in the NFL). But you can't give credit for his 2-1 record in 2007 to the Defense (#28 in the NFL) - especially since the team went 5-8 before Kyle that year. Similarly, it's hard to credit anyone else for the 9-6 record when the D was #21, the run game was barely producing 3.9 YPC, and Special Teams took a hit with Devin Hester trying to be a full-time Wide Reciever.

    Unlike Grossman, I just don't see how you can give much credit for KO's 21-12 record with the Bears to anyone else when the team won at such a steady rate with Kyle no matter how bad any other part of the team was...
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    I am not a huge fan of either of these hires. With Ben I think it is just the same ole story... Big Bro giving little Bro a job. With wink.... I dont know what he was thinking. In both cases I think there were several experienced proven coaches out there for us to have. I think that McD is taking a huge chance on this one (at least the DC spot). But you know what... This is his team. He is forever going to be linked to this team so if he runs this team into the ground and is fired.. well then he will never be a HC again. So I guess it is only fair that he gets "his" guys. Could it work.. Absolutely. New coaches step up all the time. But with play calling being such a huge role of the DC.... I get a little nervous when we have a totally inexperienced guy calling the plays. But really how does it matter? In the end you need the talent to win. Wink has the talent to at least put up a D that is going to be solid. Thant is going to help him through a lot of rough patches
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    ^^^ It's obvious that he just doesn't get it.

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