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    Those look WAAY too much like Iowa States new jerseys. You want to lose your ways, not continue them. Looking like ISU will not help the cause.

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    You are high if you think they look like Iowa States uniforms.

    I'm perfectly fine with the Chiefs sticking with the classic uniforms instead of getting a new generic look, like damn near every other team in the NFL has now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaiderFanSD View Post
    Chiefs & Raiders, while old, should stay the same IMO. They're both pretty nice and I'm not even a big fan of red either.
    I agree wholeheartedly. Same with the Browns jerseys. Two huge travesties in my lifetime (aside from the obvious) was the creation of the "Orange" alternate jersey (glad that was discontinued) and the Brown pants (glad that Mangini seems to have reversed his course and not worn them since last year - hope it stays that way).

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    Not sure the Chiefs really need an update. I do like the logo you did - the sharper, jagged edge gives it a more aggressive look - but I think their current uni is good the way it is.

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