I came across this article in regards to Kenny McKinely (RIP) and other NFL players that may have neglected to seek help. Itís a bit of a long read, but hereís a portion that includes the late Kenny McKinely.

From the great blocks that once made Barret Robbins a Pro Bowler to the awful binges of alcohol and drugs that led to him being shot in the chest by police, agent Drew Pittman has had a front-row seat to the issues that have impacted his friend and client, and kept Robbins in a correctional or treatment facility for much of the past seven years.

After more than 15 years of sitting in that seat, Pittman has come to one intensely sad conclusion:

ďThe moments when Barret really sounds like heís at his best are when heís incarcerated,Ē Pittman said of the currently jailed former lineman. ďHe has a schedule he has to live by, they tell him what to do and they make him take his meds.Ē

Robbins, best known for disappearing just two days before the Oakland Raidersí appearance in Super Bowl XXXVII and diagnosed with bipolar disorder, is no longer some athlete fed by the Superman complex that lives deep inside so many. Heís just a man, troubled and, in some respects, frail. Help isnít offered; itís required.

Itís the kind of help that might have kept Denver Broncos wide receiver Kenny McKinley(notes) from apparently killing himself last week. Like so many others in the NFL, it appears McKinley didnít seek assistance.