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Nah, they are 8th. IMO

1. Big East
2. Big Ten
3. Big XII
4. ACC
5. SEC
6. Mountain West
7. Pac 10
8. Atlantic 10
They probably are behind the SEC, but as far as the other two, I definitely disagree. They aren't just top-heavy. Aside from Temple (a big contender this year), Xavier (always a contender), Dayton and Richmond (both also made the tourney last year), UMass (5-0), La Salle (4-2 with losses in tight games with Baylor and Missouri, both ranked) and Rhode Island (4-2, with one of those losses being a close game against Pitt) are all also pretty impressive this year.

Compared to the MWC (with SDST, BYU and UNLV being the only real tourney contenders, and a few other good teams in Utah, Air Force and NM), and the Pac 10 with a handful of good teams...I think the A10 has a slight edge.