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    I was always a fan of Tommy B's.

    I hope he gets a shot at some point, cause he could be good.

    This story is sad.


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    Gambling sucks

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    Still he had that much bling and 2 cars to his name gambling probably wasnt his only problem like so many football stars he probably went on crazy spending sprees and emptied his first few pay checks on status symbols. It goes to show you one of the most important things a pro athlete should spend there money on is a financial adviser. I was watching one in an interview with Rome saying how it changed his life because he was deep in debt after only 2 years in the NFL and now every time he makes a large purchase his advisers informed and he has been talked out of buying some stupid things he would have regretted.

    Its an unfortunate problem in sport because these guys get the impression they are made of money and start spending like theres no tomorrow. Its not just gambling but wreckless spending that is causing these men to fall into a whole they cant get ot of.

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    Tom B. helping him out is a true friend indeed.Why do people like Jabbar and other atheletes need to be carrying guns in Denver. After the tragedy of Darrent Williams Ihave to ask myself if Denver is a safe city or is it a mini LA full of wannabee gangsters . I live in Montreal and i am pretty darn sure that no one on the Montreal Canadiens needs to carry a gun when he is out on the town.Different cultures different values,Iwish I knew.

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    I rather be in LA then Chicago. They are robbing athletes and killing their families look what happened to antoine walker, Or Jennifer Hudsons family. Or Tank Johnsons bodyguard stay out of chicago the gangs here are plotting its nothing nice at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BroncoSexyDaddy View Post
    I always will like Brandstater even though we got rid of him.I wish we still had Brandstater on this team.RIP McKinnely
    Me too I miss Tom Brandstater as a Denver Bronco and RIP McKinnely Brandstater was good friend and good teammate to McKinnely.

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    So sad to hear that. Prayer and thoughts are still with his family though.

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