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    Quote Originally Posted by HavoK471 View Post
    I'm guessing it would help with chemistry and what not.
    Quote Originally Posted by Crazy8 View Post
    Timing. But, the timing changes a bit when you add defenders and pads.
    Agree with both of one can argue that if there were no lock out Tebow would be better served working with Coaches and our own WR's as much as he can. However at this point in the off-season it's usually weight lifting and running.

    In regards to timing I do acknowledge that when the pads are on and defenders are in your face things change. However outside of footwork and mechanics chemistry and timing with WR's is very beneficial.

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    From an interview here.

    Tebow on getting to have a close relationship with John Elway:

    ďItís been a great relationship for me. I got to spend a lot of time with him since I got drafted before he was officially a part of the club. Heís just been great. Before my first start against Oakland, he had me over for dinner that Tuesday night and we just talked and hung out and he just gave me advice. He does great things like that. He just loves being involved and talking and giving advice, and sometimes itís just a little thing here, or a little thing here, just simple things and youíre like Ďah, Iím going to listen, itís John Elway.í Itís amazing, especially as a young guy getting to learn from a guy like that.Ē

    My guess is that he is throwing up a smokescreen for the good of the team so they can draft his replacement.
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    They are trying to push Carolina to take Cam Newton... that is why they are looking at QBs (of course if there was someone they couldn't live without they may do it). Very few players are worth a #1/2 overall pick. Look at what Bradford/Flacco/Ryan/Rivers/Eli have done for their teams - I like Tebow, but would take any of those guys for him right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukes88 View Post
    They are trying to push Carolina to take Cam Newton... that is why they are looking at QBs (of course if there was someone they couldn't live without they may do it). Very few players are worth a #1/2 overall pick. Look at what Bradford/Flacco/Ryan/Rivers/Eli have done for their teams - I like Tebow, but would take any of those guys for him right now.
    What's interesting about all those guys is they all have top notch defenses, ground games, and big bad OL's. The only exception is Bradford. No, I'm not comparing any of those guys to the almighty Tebow, but stating that it really helps a QB if those things are on the level that 4 outta 5 of those teams have. Bradford, I have to say, did above and beyond a great job with what he had around him. And don't leave Big Ben out of that list. He's accomplished more than all 5 of those guys combined. But It still goes back to what he had to work with coming into that team. So personally as long as he can get it done on 3rd down and take advantage of the plays our defense makes, while not turning it over himself. I wouldn't care who the QB is if we had all the other gears in place like the Ravens/Falcons/Chargers/Giants/Steelers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roddoliver View Post
    Oh, and by the way, the NFL Draft Scout report is different from what you quoted:

    Copyright, distributed by The Sports Xchange

    Instead of "wasn't asked asked to throw true deep balls in this offense".

    And you mentioned that Mayock said Tebow is inaccurate on every level. Where did you get that? Because I never saw Mayock bash Tebow's accuracy, only his mechanics and the windup release. Mayock never mentions accuracy as a major issue. Here is his report on Tebow:
    First of all, l re-typed that entire post from book form into my phone, forgive me if it's not word for word. It literally changes nothing, it's six of one and half dozen of the other, it's splitting hairs.

    Second of all; Mayocks reports on Tebow are numerous, but whether it was on Total Access, Path to the Draft, during the Combine, the Sr Bowl week/game, or during the draft along with another analyst on a hundred other/same draft programs, l know they're out there and you know the concerns are out there. You've seen/heard them the same as l have. Just because he didn't mention it in this clip doesn't mean he's never talked about it.

    I don't bookmark on players l actually like which is why actual books/magazine is all l have left to quote from. And l have no intention of googling for something we both know is there, so unfortunately, l can't help you. Not that it matters, people will go on insisting it's not currently an issue, regardless.......

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    I think Reid Brooks was a mistake. BR should never let him publish anything and his parents should be punished for having him! lol

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    Paige: Tebow takes time to reflect

    Tim Tebow does "truly believe" he is ready to become the Broncos' full-time starting quarterback this year.

    "I'm looking forward to the competition to prove that I can do that," he said in a phone interview.

    On April 22, 2010, the Broncos astonished the NFL by choosing Tebow as the 25th overall selection in the NFL draft.

    "It has been kind of a whirlwind since this time a year ago," Tebow said. "I had no idea it would be like it was."

    Today, Easter Sunday, one of the nation's most prominent Christian athletes will attend church in Atlanta and share dinner with his family, and not practice football or work out for one of the few times all offseason. Timmy, as he calls himself, talked about a wide variety of issues as the anniversary of his joining the Broncos a year ago approaches, including why he believes he's ready to lead the Broncos.

    Q: Reflections of the past year?

    A: It was such a learning curve, and I think I improved so much. I'm a completely different player/person. Much of that has to do with this offseason. I'm training really hard, working on my weaknesses. I can't wait for next season to get back out there. Starting the last three games, that was a huge learning opportunity ó to discover what I did well, what I did bad, what I have to work on and what came to me quick and what wasn't so easy for me. The more I play, the more comfortable I'll be. The first year was an incredible experience.

    Q: Your strengths and weaknesses?

    A: I'd say the strength I'd look at is it's still football, and I still have the ability to play quarterback, run around, make things happen, improvise, and it wasn't too fast for me. It felt the same as high school and college. It wasn't anything like "Oh, shoot, this is the NFL, this is hard. I can't do this." If anything, by playing, it gave me that much more confidence because I thought, "Wow, I can really play at a high level." I'd done it successfully before, and these were the same guys I had been doing it against in college. My biggest weakness was the timing of certain plays. For instance, I had two "go" routes against San Diego, one on the left to (Brandon) Lloyd, one on the right to (Jabar) Gaffney, and on the first I was too late with the play-action, and Brandon already got out of his break and was too close to the sidelines. So we had a 15-yard route for a first down, but I didn't make the throw. I had the same play on the other side, and my timing wasn't there. It wasn't because of my arm strength, delivery or lack of understanding of the plays, but a lack of reps. I also found out that while I can use my athletic ability to scramble, I can't take too many hits. We were doing whatever we could to win because they were two crazy games, but it's not good to play too recklessly.

    Q: John Elway has said you are raw as a quarterback and must become a better pocket passer. What's your response?

    A: I haven't taken a snap in the offseason from the shotgun. It's all been under center, 5 and 7 (yard) drops and passes from the pocket. I've done that thousands of times, working out six-seven hours a day, seven days a week. There's a big, positive difference.

    Q: Did the limitation of the playbook inhibit you in your starts last year?

    A: The last two games we used more of the playbook, but it still wasn't all the way. We changed some plays to fit my game, especially in the second half against Houston and San Diego, when we said, "We're just going to go out there and play to win, not just play to keep ourselves in there." And we accomplished a lot more.

    Q: How much is the lockout hurting your progress, especially because Kyle Orton has been named the starter? What do you think about that decision?

    A: I look at everything as a positive. A lot of players look at this lockout as a way to relax and enjoy their families, and that's great, but I look at it as an opportunity to get better. When other guys are resting, I think I'm getting an edge on everybody else.

    Q: How much is (offensive coordinator) Mike McCoy changing Josh McDaniels' offense?

    A: It's going to be a similar offense, with a few tweaks here and there to utilize what I can do. I've got a good grasp on what we're doing. Before the lockout, I spent a lot of time with the coaches going through the playbook, and understanding what they want from me.

    Q: Are you ready to be the full-time starter?

    A: I truly believe so. I'm looking forward to the competition to prove I can do that.

    Q: One of the (fired) members of the McDaniels organization told me you have an incredible will to win and made great strides last year, but he wondered if you did enough preparation away from Dove Valley.

    A: He's entitled to his opinion. That's something I take a lot of pride in, studying and watching film. I tried to be the first one in and the last one to leave every day. I read the playbook over and over.

    Q: What is your relationship with new quarterbacks coach Adam Gase?

    A: I'm excited about Goose. That's what I call him. He'll do a great job. I love how he teaches. I spent a lot of time with him and Mike McCoy during the offseason before the lockout.

    Q: There are as many questions about Auburn's Cam Newton going into the draft this year as there were about you last year. He was your backup for a season at Florida. Have you talked?

    A: I talked to him when we did an event together, and I think he took what I said to heart. There's always one thing you have to evaluate about athletic, running quarterbacks. If they didn't run, would they have been great passers and won a lot of games? We both would have been good quarterbacks in any offense. I'm not sure how it's going to translate for Cam, but I know he's very gifted.

    Q: You seem to be busy this offseason with the workouts, the commercial endorsements, the charity work, the appearances, and your foundation. Are you spreading yourself too thin?

    A: I'm spending 95 percent of my time working on football, and the rest on the foundation and other things. I did the Jockey commercials in two days in January. Football is my priority.

    Q: Your dad told me that when you were a baby, he wanted you to become the world's greatest evangelist. On Easter weekend, do you think about eventually become an evangelist, or a politician?

    A: I don't know what the future holds, but I do know I want to be involved in helping people's lives for as long as I live. So whatever that means, I want to make a positive difference. I don't know completely how I'm going to do that, but it's in my heart.

    Q: A year later, people still have polarizing opinions about you as an NFL quarterback. How are you affected?

    A: There's always going to be the naysayers that don't believe I can do it, but that fuels me. I really want to prove 24 teams they were wrong. I don't know that the criticism will ever stop, but I'm just going to keep chugging along, grinding and getting better. I don't know what the future holds, but I'm going to enjoy the journey, and I can't wait to see what happens this year with the Broncos.

    Q: The University of Florida unveiled a bronze statue of you outside "The Swamp" with the Bible verse John 3:16 on the eye black. What do you think?

    A: Very humbling, and weird. They didn't ask me, but that's the verse I'd choose.

    Q: Let's see how much you know about the Bible. What's the shortest verse?

    A: "Jesus wept."

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    I like paige and I love tebow. Good post

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    I can't wait. Would love to see him prove them all wrong.

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    Typical that McCoy is tweaking the playbook a little for more Tebow plays..sounds good for the beginning of the Tebow era. Cant wait to be excited watching football again

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    Good read, thanks. Gotta love Tebow

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    He's going to be great in 2012. Keep working hard Tebow.

    Hooray, beer!

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    Interesting on the tailored playbook thing. Maybe he knows something we don't.

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    Any doubt who our starter will be in 2012???

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    Good read!

    This guy is going to be special.

    I love how he uses criticism as motivation.

    His obsession for getting better can only help us going forward.

    I'm glad he's one of the good guys.

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