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    I haven't been making Sig's for awhile for anyone other than myself but I've had a decent amount of free time lately and decided to get back to work.

    The Requirements
    I will only make Sig's for people who are over 200 posts and have 2 cp bars.

    I will consider making wallpapers if you give me a good clear idea what you want to see, these would be the same 200 post 2 cp bar requirements. (this is a strict requirement don't even bother pming me if you don't meet it. I'm sorry if that makes me seem like a jerk but it's just a requirement I have, I want to make sure that whoever I am making sigs for will likely A. Stick around for awhile and B. contribute to the boards with enough quality posts to gain the second bar or higher.)

    If you want me to make you a Sig the pm me the request (please don't post it in here, I will use the thread for posting the finished products) Make sure when you request a Sig to try and be as descriptive as possible on what you are wanting it to look like (color scheme, players/people/things you want to see in the Sig and if you want any text or a specific font to be included as well, if you just tell me you want a sig but don't give me much information I'll just use my best judgement but the more descriptive you are the less guess work I have to make on what you'll like.)

    If your not sure what font you would like me to use I suggest checking out as they have thousands of fonts to choose from.

    Finally if I do end up making you a Sig a cp is by no means a requirement but would be greatly appreciated and it would be nice if under the Sig you would put something like made by Freyaka (though this too is not required)

    Also please bear in mind that if my work load is too heavy I may decide not to make you a sig, please don't take it personally.
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