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That isn't the cause though because they were awarded their own Star Wars trilogy last Fall, when Season 7 was done, when Season 8 was already written, filmed, and in post-production. George Lucas had also visited the set last year but before they got their trilogy --maybe he recommended them to Kathleen Kennedy?

Many years ago, they decided that it would run seven seasons, and it ended up being about that -- slightly more at 73 instead of 70 episodes. If they had added an extra seven episodes for a nice round number of 80, it might have helped, but only marginally. They don't know how to write a sensible and cohesive story (this was immediately and painfully clear when they wrote the lousy Dorne arc in Season 5) and they really needed outside help, like from GRRM himself.

they got the star wars gig years ago.

i still am entertained by game of thrones and it will always be a favorite