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I'm up to book 5 now, so far I'm enjoying it a lot. Great depth of characters thus far the stor is very solid we'll see how I feel after the next book bu so far I'm really liking it a lot.

I think if the depth is going to start lacking it will be due to introducing too many characters but so far it's very solid.
One thing I'd like to add that I really like so far, it does switch back and forth a lot like GoT though not as much. The story focuses around 3 main characters all 3 of which are very solid characters (at this point in the story Perin is by far my favorite) But along with the solid main characters there are several really good side characters who also have good stories among them (like lan and nineve)

All and all solid character development and solid story so we'll see how I feel once I hit the 6th book (which supposedly is where the story slows down)