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    Quote Originally Posted by the0rangecrush View Post
    they have no money
    Salary cap info for 2011
    Oakland $85.8 million
    Denver $125 million

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    Quote Originally Posted by derence84 View Post
    All the teams have been busy signing udfa except them....they haven't done squat! What the heck are they thinking??*&%$#@?? Do they think they already have a superbowl caliber team that they don't need to add anymore players??? That their team is set and ready for the season???!!??? I am just so puzzled at them and just wanna see how are they gonna perform this year....what a joke!!!
    Because UDFAs are going to push them over the top right?

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    they're 14 mill over the cap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VERaider View Post
    Depends what you call normal. You probably think the last seven years are what's normal. But the real AFC West is the Chiefs, Raiders, and Broncos killing each other for the top spot in the division while the Chargers get shat on at the bottom.
    Hahaha true that ...although i think it's fair to now count the Chargers in

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