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    Quote Originally Posted by CKDB909 View Post
    honestly...orton will start week one. Unless he gets hurt and cannot play :orton: will be the starter. Im watching yesterdays game right now on nfl network, and our 2nd string offensive line is horrible. I wish Orton would be some what of a role model to tebow and would mentor him on the NFL game. I feel that orton will be our starting qb this year, but is definitely not the answer for years to come.

    Who ever is our QB i will support them no matter what.
    I wish he would mentor to Im sure there is a lot he could help Tebow with. As much as I hate the Jags I am so impressed with Garrards attitude to Gabbert and I dont think Garrard has done much to warrant the hate he gets here in Jax. I dont think Orton wants to stay in Denver long term so just mentor the boy and then when he succeeds you can say. .I taught him that

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    Quote Originally Posted by #24 Next Champ View Post
    Ya I just saw Perrish's pick too...nice, damn what an idiot ...

    Anyhow, another thing I wanna add, people were all ragging on Vaughn but he played very very well so far so unless he plays in the 2nd half n gets worked it's amazing how people just repeat the stupid ish they hear cuz Vaughn has played very well in this 1st half

    also jus wanna say again ...DAMN did Willis knock that guy out!
    I haven't heard anyone else talk about Vaughn but I was disappointed in his play. He allowed several completions. I still like him though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by #24 Next Champ View Post
    One thing I noticed was on one play Miller was lined up at DE 4:25 in the 1st qtr...and he easily would've gotten to Romo had he not slipped I mean he just blew by Smith...incredible pass rushing speed
    He didn't slip......He wasn't balanced and Smith just pushed him to the ground....Miller just used terrible technique.....Typical rookie mistake. Is used to blowing by everyone so he wasn't disciplined and got off balance......

    It was his first game, and he really didn't nothing to impress, and nothing to not impress. it was like he wasn't there....But what do you expect from one series
    Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pride

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    What little I seen of him I was not to impressed game wise. Braxton Kelly IMO played much better although he played against the 2nd and 3rd Dallas O

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    You're in it for the long haul with Miller. Linebackers kick around for 6-12 years. He certainly had his training wheels on out there, but I'd love to see a rookie that didn't.

    Anything he does this year is gravy.

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