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    Quote Originally Posted by BroncoSexyDaddy View Post
    Great shots Painter! I hope DT makes the best of his comeback.I also wanna see if Tebow and him pans out to be the picks they were chosen at.It will be a site to see if he turns out an unstoppable WR this season,maybe he can carry the team for a couple of games.I sure hope so CPs Forthcoming
    Yes.... it surely would be nice for BOTH those first rounders to pan out.

    That would be one of the few bright spots from the regime of "he whose name we shall not speak."

    Time will tell.
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    Great news, but I still wouldn't rush him back. Especially now that we have two athletic receiving TE's in J-Thomas and Green, we can afford to give him all of the time he needs. If we get him back at 100% at any point this season we will be able to create some serious match up problems with our receivers and tight ends.

    It also gives us some wiggle room in the offseason with both Lloyd and Royal slated to be free agents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAINTERDAVE View Post

    I took these pics at Mile high back on that day.... 8-5-11
    Tebow throwing to Thomas.... many times...

    Does Tim's delivery look long to anyone else

    *couldn't resist*
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    I still think thomas looks wierd, he seriously looks like a TE out there now.

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    Good to hear his rehab has gone good.. I've always liked him since we took him, reminds me of Calvin Johnson, he has a HUGE, HUGE upside.

    We just need to ease him back, and if he shows enough, may not re-sign Lloyd and Thomas can be the #1 going into next season.

    I agree with Hoser, sucks seeing Thomas and Bunkley out, we need 1 if not both vs McFadden or we're in deep crap.

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    Good to hear, I hope he proves me wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starbroncs View Post
    I still think thomas looks wierd, he seriously looks like a TE out there now.
    That's what happened to Percy Harvin at UF. He was out a while with leg injuries and completely bulked up his upper body and got H U G E. When you gotta work out but can't do legs, that leaves little choice left.
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    Don't rush this...

    I hope everyone takes a breath and lets him back really really slowly. The worst thing that could happen to Demaryius Thomas right now as a person and a player is a setback.

    If I were the Broncos, he'd still be on the PUP and I'd tell him that we'll see him in October.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broncoboy6 View Post
    This is how i feel about our WR & TE's this year.

    In the words of Busta Rhymes:

    This is serious, we can make you delirious, you should have a healthy fear of us, cause too much of us is dangerous.
    Wow, Busta "musta really had to mispronounce the first three: serious, delirious, and fear of us; or the last one dangerous to make that" Rhymes...

    Just playing I agree or WR and TE ought to be a strength all season for us.

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