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    I didn't put how I reacted, just when I knew.

    Well all jumped off the couch and started jumping and hugging. I fell to my knees in front of my TV with tears in my eyes and screamed "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! ARE YOU FING KIDDING ME YESSSSSSSSSS"

    Hooray, beer!

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    gotta use it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevlar441 View Post
    Your turn to eat crow?

    I've had to eat crow before. (For about ten seconds I thought that punk Josh had a clue.)

    With really well done crow, I suggest a fine whine and plenty of hot sauce!

    The whine should be blood red, have a nice bouquet, and be left to breath over night so your friends can fully enjoy it.

    As for the hot sauce ... a good friend of mine keeps plenty on hand for special occasions just like this. If fact, he collects them just for this purpose. Some of them that he has "ever so forcefully" made me enjoy were:

    And my personal favorite...
    SHES BACK! (But her bags are still packed.)

    Hope you enjoy. The dessert menu is to die for.
    This is my 3rd helping. I had one with the additon of Von Miller (which I was against) & I had a helping when I thought we'd only win 5 games
    Rod Smith for the HOF. TEBOW RULES!

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    no way!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!NO WAY!!!!!!!!!ALright!!!!!!!!

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    i think willis is a little "different". did you see his interview with Arian Foster. so strange and awkward....

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoltNut View Post
    I thought the Twilight Zone intro was appropriate here.

    As a fan of a rival team, but more so a football fan, I wanted to throw out my two cents.

    I'm watching the playoffs from the perspective of one looking in from the outside, so to speak. I really have no preference as to who I'd like to see in the Super Bowl...... but then again, it's hard to watch this thing progress and remain neutral. There are teams that I do NOT want to see in the big game and one of them was knocked out yesterday. The Steelers. As you might imagine, the Patriots are pretty high on this list too.

    When the game on Sunday first got under way, I, along with probably 90% of the others tuned into the game, thought it would be a slaughter. After all, an 8 - 8 team that won the AFC West title because no one else seemed to want it; against the six time Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers?.... I mean, come on....

    Here I am wearing a Chargers jersey, and finding myself actually cheering for the Broncos. When the defense put Worthlessburger on his backside twice with seconds left in a game where the Steelers looked to be methodically working down-field on their way to their usual last second field goal for the win, was pure magic. On to overtime. On the coin-toss, the Steelers call tails and the flip came up heads..... priceless. Then, on the first play out of the gate, Tebow throws a strike to the open receiver who gives a stiff arm to the defender and glides all the way in for the quickest overtime win in history. It could not have been written any better. I honestly don't have enough adjectives to describe it. I must have gone temporarily insane because I cheered out loud....... for the Broncos?!?! What's the world coming to?

    What makes someone like me cheer for a rival team? It's the idea that "everyone" said that they couldn't do it, yet they did. "Tebow isn't a real NFL quarterback" they say. "The AFC West is a weak division"..... really? The Broncos just beat the #1 defense, the Chiefs beat the "undefeated" Green Bay Packers, the Bolts picked apart the other 'great' Ravens defense and the Raiders, certainly, are no cakewalk. "Weak"? I thought all the 'talking heads' were going to explode yesterday.... it was wonderful. I love the idea of a team being told that they just can't do it, and then going out and proving everyone wrong. I don't care what uniform they wear. This is what makes football so great.

    No, I haven't become a Bronco fan, but as long as they are in this thing, I'll be hoping that this all keeps going. I would love nothing more at this point than to see the Broncos take the whole thing. Sure, it would be strange, a bit out of character, the planets would all need to be aligned, etc; but in the Twilight Zone, expect the unexpected.
    Love the support... It's weird I was getting so many texts yesterday from friends cheering for the Broncos (not Broncos fans) saying the same sort of stuff " Man I love the (insert team here) but man I want you guys to win it all this year" "

    Kind of cool being the underdog and having support from around the league/country whatever. Kinda like when the saints won it all a few years ago.

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    Would've been funnier if he didn't almost blow the game.

    Willis owes us one against New England.

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    Haha, I never saw that. I saw a video of Rahim Moore doing a backflip in the endzone though..
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    Double sided duck tape.
    Denver Broncos
    New York Yankees
    New York Knicks
    Colorado Avalanche

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remedy View Post
    Love the support... It's weird I was getting so many texts yesterday from friends cheering for the Broncos (not Broncos fans) saying the same sort of stuff " Man I love the (insert team here) but man I want you guys to win it all this year" "

    Kind of cool being the underdog and having support from around the league/country whatever. Kinda like when the saints won it all a few years ago.
    I am getting that same thing from friends as well.

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    You stalker.
    Right when he caught it I thought he was going to score, my family jumped up screaming right then and we just got louder and louder as he kept running. My throat hurts bad today but I don't even care

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    Quote Originally Posted by rst08tierney View Post

    gotta use it!
    I think that's been illegal for a good 15-20 years now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by // / yardo View Post
    I was way too distracted by the cheerleaders.
    HAHAHA me too actually i only caught it cause the girlfriend said hey look at willis!

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    Don't feel bad man. I found myself rooting for the Chargers in the playoffs against the Patriots during Marty's last game. I actually find myself rooting for the West a lot when Denver isn't in the playoffs.

    Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amari24 View Post
    I'm in Ohio so of course I'm in Steelers territory. However, my friend and uncle are also Broncos fans.

    It was so hilarious after we won. There were so... many excuses it was pathetic. Of course I had to deal with insults from Steelers fans that I didn't even know, since I was wearing my Tebow jersey around, but I don't care. The only thing people are saying is that "he won't win a Super Bowl".

    After we beat New England next week that should be the wake up call for most people.
    And after we win the Super bowl with Tebow they will be saying he will never win another.

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