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hmmm good advice im 20 and weve been dating for 6 months

her mom seems stern and maybe even kind of a biatch but i dont know exactly since i havent really spent anytime with her

thanks for the advice guys to put the icing on the cake i got some ice cream sammies

20 ok about what i figured. Good...The only thing that I might adjust then is the 10 question starters? subtle compliments to them are good but they will see ass kissing, instead try and show off some ambition.

Like: Oh, I see the decorating is pretty ecletic in here. Did you do it yourself? (yes) its very diverse (if it is, dont say if its not) with the blank here in this room and the blank here in that room.....I was considering interior decorating for one of my college courses...Oh really? yeah, but now I am going to school for blank. I also considered (just give them the impressions you are a good student and ambitious) it should flow easily for you.

That and maybe something like your wall paper, or a picture over there or whatever, it has a theme, or where you in that picture on vacation at blank. The wall paper looks/ reminds me of caribbean etc etc....Then you can go on about vacations. People love to talk about their vacations and it will also bring back the good (hopefully good) memories they had on them which will loosen her up towards you.

Parents are easy. They dont like threatening, they want respect and appreciate subtle flattery of their accomplishments, knowledge and things they have accured/acquired over the year.

You got this. I wouldnt be worried at all. nervous is good. Seal the deal amigo.