I've been counting drops by the receivers. I've counted 3 drops this half. The first one was that pass to Thomas that he dropped when Moore hit him. The second one was a pass that hit Royal in the numbers, but to be fair Arrington did cut the route but the ball was untouched as it went to Royal's hands, should have been caught. The third one was a floater to Ball that was thrown across the field, it should have been an easy catch, dropped.

Complete list of incompletions

2-5 12:22 incomplete to royal

2-5 3:45 tebow throws ball away as nikovetch is close to getting to him

3-5 3:40 thomas drops perfectly thrown ball, actually more like it gets knocked away by moore

1-10 7:30 ball hits royal in the numbers as corner cuts the route, and he drops it

3-10 6:45 tebow scrambles out and throws ball away to avoid sack, misses ball open in the middle of the field

2-5 1:25 ball drops pass that hits him on the numbers

3-5 1:15 tebow throws a bit wide of thomas as it hits his extended hand