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I hate to be that guy that just bags on the refs but I felt like the last two games they were letting Golden State be more physical on defense than they were Toronto. Maybe that’s because I only watched the Toronto broadcasts and they mentioned it quite a bit but I’ve also felt that the refs were influencing games throughout the entire playoffs whether it be for ratings or personal bias or whatever the case may be. Nonetheless the officials not calling a foul on Cousins for tripping Lowry which led to the fast break Klay got hurt on is the reason this series is over. Maybe Toronto would’ve closed out anyway but there was no shot once Klay went down.

The injuries shouldn’t take away from what they accomplished though. They beat some of the biggest contenders in Milwaukee and Philadelphia this season both of whom I actually think have the better team on paper. Kawhi is an all time great and absolutely should be in the conversation for best player in the world. And even if he leaves this offseason for LA or wherever, Toronto should still be excited that they have such a talented player in Siakam who is still relatively new to the game of basketball and quite honestly has the potential to rival some of the best in the game.
Beast.....I don't want to make a case against the refs in this series, but there are a couple of stats I've heard that make me wonder a wee bit. The one issue many of us have is that Kawhi, for a good part of the season, did not get calls his way.....and some believe it's because he is so strong that when guys run into him, he does not bounce. I respect him for that.

Being an NBA ref is not easy. So many calls that could go either way. My pet peeve about the NBA refs is the continued "travelling" and "carrying" or "palming" that they typically allow star players to get away with. Sometimes I swear a stud player takes about 4 steps!!

Now, if you're a lesser player, expect the whistle to blow!