LeBron is incredibly overrated. How can people compare him to the greats when guys like Jordan and Kobe offer everything. LeBron is still an incomplete forward who hasn't gotten better in the post since coming into the NBA. I like LeBron but Kobe has a better post skill set and he's a SG. Say what you want about Carmelo but he at least makes plays in the post.

And you're right Chillez too many people look at stats and shot percentages. I can't believe some people here actually thought LeBron's jumper is better than Kobe's. LeBron can't hit threes, no pull up jumper, and an inconsistent turn around shooter. Stop looking at FG % people. Kobe (if he stays healthy) can be play until he's 38 because his JS is so fluent. LeBron brings more excitement but not much else.