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Thread: NBA Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by the0rangecrush View Post
    Depending on the return in a trade for Kyrie, Cleveland could be watching Boston from the couch. It doesn't really matter though, no team is close to GS right now.
    No, seriously though, San Antonio would HAVE to give up Parker or Mills and one of those two guys. Unless they want to unload Aldridge. There's no way around it barring some shady under the table action. Unless it's a three team deal that sees Cleveland getting royally screwed, I don't see them losing to the Boston Celtics on the other end. I like Hayward a lot, but let's keep it real here.

    I agree w/you about GS by the way. But, hey that's a no brainer.

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    To me MINN has the best shot at getting Kyrie
    Rod Smith for the HOF. TEBOW RULES!

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