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Dang, KD gave Houston a gift of an injury, and Harden and CP3 still couldnít get it done. At home no less.
Warriors fans have always said that Curry is more important to that team than Durant, and I've always agreed with them about that. Never more so than after tonight's game. Durant might be a better all around player than Curry, but Curry has a bigger impact on that team's success. You think about how good that team is. You could take any great small forward, stick them in Durant's spot, run the offense through them, and they'd put up huge numbers. How could they not? The Rockets left Iguodala wide open all night, because they sold out to stop everyone else.

I never expected a D'Antoni/Harden team to win a championship, but I think it's easy to forget that the Warriors were being considered as the greatest team of all time before Durant got there. I'm really not shocked they closed it out in Houston.