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See, you are assuming & assuming isn't good. Did you notice how I lol after the ban thing? I actually stole it from Stephen A Smith, he used to say to Skip Bayless all of the time.... Don't flatter yourself ...


Vote & look at the results from age to States... You'll clearly see that older people like you and I think he is a legend. Top 10 of all time would be considered a legend in my book man... You could say well those are just fans, but fans of all ages and all states...
Fair enough, and to be clear I would put LeBron in top 10 of all time, even if his career ended today. I have never said otherwise, it's folks putting words in my mouth that make it appear otherwise.

Where my opinion is likely to differ, is that he has completely ruined any and all chance of being considered among the "true greats." To define that term, I consider that somewhere in the top 5 or top 3 range. He sold that privilege years ago by teaming up in an effort to buy a legacy.

Could you imagine Jordan getting tired of the beatings and running off to join the Pistons or Knicks? It would not be met well in that time, and for good reason.

I actually consider it a shame because LeBron clearly has the talent to have been 1a or 1b to Jordan, sadly, he does not possess the intangibles.