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    Official Post Season 2012 Game Day Thread:Broncos Vs Patriots

    Division Edition.

    We'll here we are.... not many outside Denver expected us to be, some in Denver didn't think we'd be, but here we are. What a great week it has been. I think ESPN in in Tebow overload mode!

    Sunday did not start well for us. From 8 yards in the first quarter to turning it around to 316 yards and beating the # 1 D in the league. We couldn't get it going in the 2nd half, and the Magahee fumble almost killed us, but we held when we need to. Was that the sweetest 11 seconds of Overtime of what?

    For our reward we get to play the well rested # 1 seed Patriots on a short week. We had NE at the start of week 15, but three turnover in the 2nd quarter turned the tide and Hernandez caught fire that game. It was the start of a late season slump.

    We broke that slump on Sunday and are ready to have another go around at NE. We are still missing some players because of injury and need our guys to step up. Dawk and Decker are scratches. Last week showed though we can still get it done.

    Lets take a look at the Pats
    NE lost their last 3 playoff games. (the last two at home) They are looking to break out of that slump and get to the championship round.
    All time the Patriots are 7-6 in the division round.
    Brady stats are 177/306 2,178 yds 13 TDs 7 Ints In 8 Career games vs the Broncos including the playoffs, his record 2-6

    It won't be easy this week, but it is possible. It is a weird season where the top seeds in the AFC and NFC have the two worst defenses. We have a chance though. We've seen how the Pats adjust to us, so it up to Fox and McCoy to find a way to let the offense have success. The D saw what happens when we focus on Welker and Gronkowski, Hernandez becomes a bigger factor. I like our chances this go around, especially if we protect the ball and don't get into 3rd and long situations.

    Part of me feels we will try for time consuming drives which works for us and the Pats. It limits the Pats possessions, but it gives the Pats D more chance to try and take away the ball. For the 31st ranked D the number of takeaways is amazing. We need to protect the ball, but we have to be aggressive. We can't consistently go 3 and out and give Brady more chance to get his points. We know he will score, we just don't know how much.

    So let's Hope Tebow, Thomas, Magahee, Champ, Doom, Miller and the rest of our team have another "W" in them.

    Win or lose I am proud of this Denver team. We've made strides forward this year, that is all I could ask for. No matter what happens tomorrow please follow the COC. Watch what you post and report any violations to the mod staff.

    Hoping we have more magic ahead of us!
    The Game Day Thread: Year 14 Now in progress.

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    Let's GO BRONCOS!!!!!!

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    Let's show the world why they play the game.

    Go Broncos!!!

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    One More Time!

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    Hold the line!!!



    11 TIME CHAMPS!!!

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    "We've got 'em right where we want 'em!"

    - Go Broncos 2017 and Beyond! -

    Super Bowl 50 CHAMPIONS!

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    Shock the world.

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    We can win this one!!! Go Broncos!!!

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    Hold on to the ball.

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    :wave: Exciting times! Dress warm and enjoy the game! (No financial associations, usual disclaimers.)

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    Hit the checkdown.

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    As Bama proved it is hard to beat a team twice especially when that team dominated for most of the game but lost due to stupid mistakes
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    Let's go Broncos

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    The Broncos are going to dominate tomorrow night and will be playing in the AFC Championship game next Sunday ....

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    Its hard to beat the same team twice in one season, its even harder to beat the same team twice in a months time, we got that going for us i guess.........heh

    Go Broncos! Beat The Patriots!
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