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    Offical Tim Tebow Appreciation Thread

    Im sure he's feeling down about all this crap, so I thought we could start a thread to show him that he still has support.
    Moderators... There has been an Elway appreciation thread for a fee days now, so it's only fair to have one in support of our starting QB

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    As of now he is still the QB of my team. If his time here is over I will remember the excitement he brought to this team last season. If Manning is signed I wish him nothing but the best in the future. I believe he earned his shot to start this year but it doesn't appear that it is going to happen. Hopefully he gets his chance somewhere else.

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    I'll step up.

    I appreciate what he did for this team. He came in with only one week of reps with the first team and performed admirably. He also provided us with many thrilling finishes this season (and isn't football supposed to be about entertainment anyway? haha). A playoff win was icing on the cake especially for a team that was in the thick of Suck-for-Luck (which management obviously concurred by trading away their #1 WR for peanuts).

    I see a bright future for the kid and honestly think he's a very talented football player and the type of person you want your children to have as a role model.

    While he's a very polarizing figure (that's the understatement of the year), an objective fan can't help but root for this kid in life. His football future is uncertain, but there's no denying he'll have a positive impact in MANY peoples' lives for years to come.

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    He has my full support, and I'll always be thankful for the win streak this year. It was a wild, fun ride. And even after losing 3, being able to turn the tide and beat the Steelers -- I'll always associate this year's winning ways with him.

    I think he's got the chance to be truly special. He has an Elway-like ability to take over a game in the last 5 minutes, because he's such a dual threat that it's really hard to stop.

    I think his long passes look great -- really reminds me of Kerry Collins delivering the ball on a deep pass.

    He needs to work on the footwork and body mechanics to deliver on a short, quick throw. But I believe he's doing that, and I expect him to emerge like a Rich Gannon or Steve Young type of player -- put's it all together before the age of 30 and becomes really great.

    I was hoping we'd get to experience it here in Denver (and maybe we still will). But the team has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a player like Peyton Manning. I can't blame the team for trying. However, I do think it will not work out well. Time will tell.

    Thanks, Tim.

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    Regardless of what happens with this deal, I really hope we can keep Tebow. He has a bright future and he brought us one of the most exciting Broncos season in a very long time. He is so much fun to watch. Best wishes to Timmy. Hope he is a Bronco for a very long time.

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    Nothing but love for my boy Timmy.

    Class act.

    I for one think he can lead us to the promised land one day.

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    I wish Tebow nothing but the best but this is a once in a lifetime chance to get Peyton.

    I wish we'd keep Tebow if we got Peyton, but it's either one or the other most likely.

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    Thank You

    Tim Tebow. You lifted the team to another level and gave the fans hope again. Welcome to stay awhile and get the goods from Payton if he comes over. Looks like the future is bright either way.

    God Speed
    This is the NFL!!

    Don't sing it... Bring It!!!!!

    Go Broncos!!!!!!!

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    Watching last season after Tebow was put in was exhilarating. You could feel his inability to give up it was very inspiring. No matter if I yelled at the tv and told Teebs just throw the ball, he would usually find a way to have me and my family jumping for joy by the end. Considering the crappy hand this organization dealt Tebow, he really exceeded what most had expected. I truly hope we can keep him, but if not I just hope to get to see him play again. I'm pretty disgusted by the way the FO has handled this whole thing, and they are only elevating him by continuing to play the role of the bad guy.

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    I love lamp....uhh I love Tebow !

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    I'll never forget the 2011-2012 Denver Broncos season and re-learning that the game is NEVER over until the clock hits 0:00. I certainly hope a team steps up and realizes the benefits of Tebow and gives him a chance to be a successful quarterback in this league. The guy has the tools just needs to have someone behind him.Thanks for the ride.

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    Tebow absolutely has my appreciation 100%, and here's hoping we don't sign Manning and Tebow sticks around, despite the FO's lack of faith in him, and is the Bronco's starting QB for years to come... With improved accuracy and more winning seasons, of course ;-)

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    KInd of doesn't surprise me at all that in a Tim Tebow appreciation thread, some people (who shall remained unnamed) have actually gone out of their way to demonstrate what little class they have.

    I mean, it's not like there is a rule here on the forum requiring posters to click on every thread and post in it. They could have read the thread title and ignored the thread saying: "Meh, nothing for me to say here". They could have clicked into the thread and read the posts and then said "meh, nothing for me here".

    But no, they had to come into this thread and once again open their fracking mouths.

    ya know, your parents should have taught you that there are times where you should just shut your damned mouth, nod your head, turn around and walk away. Really, they should have.

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    Thanks Tim. Hang in there and keep working. You can be a great QB in this league once someone gives you a straight answer and a legitimate shot. It ain't happening here with car salesmen running the show, so the quicker you get on a plane and get to a "Patriots-style" run organization the better you will be.

    Things happen for a reason and the Broncos, fans especially, have very little appreciation for last year and "the turnaround" which, apparently, was all Prater, the defense and Elway. The sooner you get Colorado in your rearview mirror the better off you will be.
    Denver 34 Oakland 16

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