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    The Jaguars would like to relase this statement about the team coming into the Free Agency/Trade period:

    "We felt like we have a great team and players in place to really make a run for something special. We had a couple holes that needed to be filled via Free Agency and some that we knew would need to be filled via the Draft."

    Coming into this period, the Jags had a couple holes that were obvious to the league for some time. They have been searching for a pass rushing DE for years now. They have had failed draft picks in Derrick Harvey and Quinton Groves, and they were looking for the right fit. Mincey came on strong last season and proved to be a good presence along our from 4.

    We also had a gaping holes at WR. The Jags were at or near the bottom of every passing stat this past season. Their best WR was Mike Thomas. He is destined to play the slot with his size and speed and ability to catch.

    The Jags also have questions along the OL. Brad Meester is getting old and will not play much longer. Eben Britton was an injury prone RT who could not stay on the field. Guy Whimper and Cameron Bradfield looked good in his absence, but are still a work in progress.

    CB was also a hole that needed filling. Rashean Mathis is 30+ and starting to regress a little. When healthy, he is still a pretty good CB, but lately he has been injured. He is coming back for 1 more year though. Cox was our stand alone good CB not being a FA. Middleton was set to hit FA and needed to be replaced.

    Below is a description of the offseason moves the Jags have made and a synopsis of why.

    Lost: CB William Middleton
    Acquired: SLB Eric Walden

    Middleton was a good CB who was wanted by Green Bay. He was a good player for us and will be missed. Walden will come in and replace the oft injured Clint Sessions as SLB. Sessions had been dealing with numerous cooncusions and needed to be upgraded.

    Lost: OG Uche Nwaneri, 4th, 6th
    Acquired: DE Dwight Freeney

    As desperate as we were for a pass rushing DE, we had to sacrifice Uche. Taking Freeney from a division rival was icing on the cake. Freeney will play opposite Mincey and put some well needed pressure on the QB. A front 4 of Mincey, Knighton, Alualu, and Freeney will be feared in this league.

    Lost: DE Matt Roth
    Acquired: DE David Ball, OLD Gerald McRath, OG Jake Scott

    Roth was a good addition for us in 2011. He did have some issues with injury and that is why we had to let him go. We received Scott, Ball, and McRath in exchange. Scott will rpelace Uche and start at RG. Ball will work in rotation with Freeney, and McRath will be the backup for Daryl Smith. We thought this was an outstanding deal that we could not pass up.

    Lost: QB Dan Lefevour
    Acquired: 6th

    This was a no brainer for us. LeFevour would never see the field with Gabbert and Henne on roster.

    Lost: RT Eben Britton
    Acquired: 4th

    This was a tough decision. Britton, when healthy, is a great RT and will be missed. What made it a little easier was the play of Guy Whimper and Cameron Bradfield. These two came in and played well for us. They are still a question mark so expect us to grab a RT in the draft for assurance.

    Lost: 1st (#7 overall)
    Acquired: CB Antonio Cromartie, 1st (#16 overall), 4th, 4th, 6th

    With the holes we have on offense, we wanted to trade back. CB Cromartie was the icing on the cake for us. He will play oppsite Mathis and start in his place when he retires. Getting the extra picks was vital to movement throughout the draft for us.

    Lost: 1st (#16 overall)
    Acquired: WR Mike Wallace

    With WR being our biggest need, we went out and got the best deep threat in the NFL. Wallace is weel known for his speen and ability to break the game open. He was vital to our success this offseason. Pairing Wallace with Robinson on the outside and Thomas in the slot will be a great WR core in our minds.

    Lost: 2nd, 3rd
    Acquired: 2nd

    Just to move up in the 2nd.

    Lost: 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 4th
    Acquired: 2nd, 5th, 7th

    Draft positioning.

    Lost: 2nd
    Acquired: 3rd, 4th

    Draft positioning

    Lost: DE Aaron Kampman, 6th, 7th
    Acquired: 4th

    Aaron Kampman was a failed experiment for Jacksonville. He came in off knee injuries and re-injured them. It was time to move on. We also anted to acquire more mid round picks.

    Lost: RB Rashad Jennings, 4th, 7th
    Acquired: 3rd

    Jennings was another often injured player who we felt had his time. Grabbing a 3rd was what we wanted to do.

    Lost: WR Mike Sims-Walker
    Acquired: 7th

    Sims-Walker came to us again late last season and didn't make an impact. He has potential, but not on the Jags. We want to start fresh with new WRs and he is not in our plans.

    Now we look forward to our draft plans. Draft positioning was pivotal to us as we wanted to position ourselves best for the prosepects we covet. I think we will shock some people with our selections. It is my job to make this team the best team I can.
    Jacksonville Jaguars Broncomania GM:

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    DAY 8
    Seattle Seahawks receive:
    5th round pick (129)

    Indianapolis Colts receive:
    CB Marcus Trufant
    7th round pick (210)

    DAY 9
    Baltimore Ravens receive:
    RB Rashad Jennings
    4th round pick (101)
    7th round pick (211)

    Jacksonville Jaguars receive:
    3rd round pick (93)
    New York Jets receive:
    LB Barrett Rudd

    Tennessee Titans receive:
    LB Calvin Pace
    Tennessee Titans receive:
    OLB Quentin Groves

    Oakland Raiders receive:
    RB Javon Ringer
    Dallas Cowboys receive:
    OT Demar Dotson

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers receive:
    S Abram Elam

    DAY 10
    Tennessee Titans receive:
    LB/DE Travis LaBoy

    San Diego Chargers receive:
    5th round pick (132)
    New York Jets receive:
    7th round pick (198)

    Washington Redskins receive:
    OT Wayne Hunter

    DAY 11
    Washington Redskins receive:
    OG Montrae Holland

    Dallas Cowboys receive:
    CB Byron Westbrook
    Seattle Seahawks receive:
    WR Mike Sims-Walker

    Jacksonville Jaguars receive:
    7th round pick (204)

    DAY 12
    Buffalo Bills receive:
    3rd round pick (78)

    Philadelphia Eagles receive:
    OT Demetress Bell
    5th round pick (137)
    Detroit Lions receive:
    CB Leodis McKelvin

    Buffalo Bills receive:
    3rd round pick (87)
    Jacksonville Jaguars receive:
    C Kris O'Dowd

    New York Jets receive:
    7th round pick (204)
    Dallas Cowboys receive:
    S Husain Abdullah

    Minnesota Vikings receive:
    CB Terrance Newman
    Dallas Cowboys receive:
    WR Louis Murphy

    Oakland Raiders receive:
    5th round pick (145)

    DAY 13
    Seattle Seahawks receive:
    WR Michael Crabtree
    1st round pick (30)
    3rd round pick (94)

    San Francisco 49ers receive:
    1st round pick (12)
    5th round pick (129)
    New York Jets receive:
    5th round pick (139)

    Kansas City Chiefs receive:
    WR Logan Payne
    7th round pick (212)

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    Browns press conference:

    Want to walk you through our off season thought process leading up to the draft.

    Our current roster is full of young players, we feel we our building a good base moving forward. Before being contracted to facilitate some trade, our team added DE Frostee Rucker to play LDE. Shead will move to RDE, where he should see more success. We feel Rucker improves our run defense. We also added DE Juqua Parker, although hurt last year, had 14 sacks the previous two years. Finally, we are pleased DE Marcus Bernard (8 sacks in 2010) is recovered from his motorcycle accident and should also help to generate pressure.

    Move #1: Trading up to the #8 selection (cost #22, #37, #101)

    We felt looking at our roster we have fine, good, young players. However, we need impact guys. There were a few impact guys in the latter part of the top 10 we felt could come in and start right away. There was another level of talent above what we thought would be available at #22.

    Move #2 Getting pick #52 for pick #68, 132, 196

    We were in trade negotiations to acquire TE A Hernandez and needed a 2nd.

    Move #3 TE A Hernandez and LB Guyton for pick #52

    It comes back to getting impact guys. Hernandez will give McCoy a legitimate target. If TEs are a QBs best friend, Colt just got a BFF. We expect Hernandez will create mismatches in our WCO and allow our receivers to see more single coverage.

    Guyton came out of college a WSLB, running a sub 4.5 40. We did not feel a 3-4 was a good fit for him, but he could thrive outside in a 4-3. He will get a chance to compete for a starting job, and we have no doubt he will bolster the depth of our LB corps.

    Move #4 CB D Strickland and OG R Turner, send Tony Pashos to Jets.

    First, we would like to thank Tony for his time here with the Browns. Unfortunately, there is a high chance he will beging the year on the PUP and we felt we needed to move in another direction.

    We are considering moving CB Sheldon Brown to FS and wanted to bolster our CB depth going into the draft. Brown has the ability to play outside or inside nickel. Donald knows have to carve out a role for himself and will compete for one of the last 2 CB spots on the roster.

    Turner is known to be a very good ST player, so we saw an opportunity to address that phase of the game and add some depth along our OL.

    Recap of moves:

    Added: TE Hernandez, LB Guyton, CB Strickland, OG Turner
    Lost: OT Pashos (PUP Canidate)

    WE look forward to the draft.
    Ravens GM 2016 - Ravens are looking to trade down 4-8 spots

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    The New York Jets are going to work out DE Quinton Coples, WR Justin Blakmon, WR Michael Floyd, and LB Luke Kulechy, according to Madam Schefter.

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    Unfortuantly it looks like the Cowboys will not be able to trade down in the draft. With 10 minutes until the deadline the team is now looking forward to possible candidates to take with the #14 overall pick. Janoris Jenkins, Dre Kirkpatrick and Quinton Coples are all schedule for visits

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    The Tennessee Titans are looking to bring in several players for workouts tomorrow. Some of those players include Mark Barron S, Donta Hightower ILB, Dontari Poe DT, Courtney Upshaw DE, and Dre Kirkpatrick CB.

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    FINAL draft order:
    Round 1

    1 (1) Colts
    2 (2) Redskins (via STL)
    3 (3) Vikings
    4 (4) Browns
    5 (5) Buccaneers
    6 (6) Rams (via WAS)
    7 (7) Jets (via JAC)
    8 (8) Browns (via MIA)
    9 (9) Panthers
    10 (10) Bills
    11 (11) Chiefs
    12 (12) 49ers (via SEA)
    13 (13) Cardinals
    14 (14) Cowboys
    15 (15) Eagles
    16 (16) Steelers (via NYJ, JAC)
    17 (17) Bengals (via OAK)
    18 (18) Chargers
    19 (19) Bears
    20 (20) Titans
    21 (21) Bengals
    22 (22) Dolphins (via ATL, via CLE)
    23 (23) Lions
    24 (24) Steelers
    25 (25) Colts (via DEN)
    26 (26) Texans
    27 (27) Patriots (via NO)
    28 (28) Seahawks (via GB)
    29 (29) Ravens
    30 (30) Seahawks (via SF)
    31 (31) Patriots
    32 (32) Giants

    Round 2

    33 (1) Rams
    34 (2) Bengals (via IND; via DEN)
    35 (3) Vikings
    36 (4) Buccaneers
    37 (5) Dolphins (via CLE)
    38 (6) Eagles (via JAC)
    39 (7) Jaguars (via WAS; via STL)
    40 (8) Panthers
    41 (9) TEN (via BUF)
    42 (10) Dolphins
    43 (11) Packers (via SEA)
    44 (12) Chiefs
    45 (13) Cowboys
    46 (14) Eagles
    47 (15) Panthers (via NYJ)
    48 (16) Patriots (via OAK)
    49 (17) Chargers
    50 (18) Bears
    51 (19) Vikings (via ARI, PHI; via JAC)
    52 (20) Browns (via TEN)
    53 (21) Broncos (via CIN)
    54 (22) Lions
    55 (23) Falcons
    56 (24) Steelers
    57 (25) Giants (via DEN)
    58 (26) Texans
    59 (27) Forfeited by NO (Bounty-Gate)
    60 (28) Packers
    61 (29) Ravens
    62 (30) 49ers
    63 (31) Patriots
    64 (32) Giants

    Round 3

    65 (1) Falcons (via IND)
    66 (2) Rams
    67 (3) Jaguars (via MIN)
    68 (4) Titans (via CLE)
    69 (5) Buccaneers
    70 (6) Redskins
    71 (7) Rams (via JAC)
    72 (8) Bills
    73 (9) Dolphins
    74 (10) Colts (via CAR; via CHI; via MIA)
    75 (11) Chiefs
    76 (12) Packers (via SEA)
    77 (13) Texans (via PHI)
    78 (14) Bills (via NYJ; via PHI)
    79 (15) Forfeited by OAK (Supplemental Draft)
    80 (16) Chargers
    81 (17) Bears
    82 (18) Cardinals
    83 (19) Dolphins (via DAL)
    84 (20) Chargers (via TEN)
    85 (21) Broncos (via CIN)
    86 (22) Broncos (via ATL)
    87 (23) Bills (via DET)
    88 (24) Packers (via PIT)
    89 (25) 49ers (via DEN)
    90 (26) Rams (via HOU; via PHI; via JAC)
    91 (27) Saints
    92 (28) Packers
    93 (29) Ravens
    94 (30) Seahawks (via SF)
    95 (31) Patriots
    96 (32) Giants
    Compensatory Picks:
    3.1 Raiders

    Round 4

    97 (1) Chargers (via STL)
    98 (2) Lions (via IND)
    99 (3) Jaguars (via MIN)
    100 (4) Texans (via TB; via PHI)
    101 (5) Ravens (via CLE; via MIA; via JAC)
    102 (6) Dolphins (via JAC; via IND)
    103 (7) Redskins
    104 (8) Dolphins
    105 (9) Rams (via CAR; via NYJ; via JAC)
    106 (10) Rams (via BUF; via JAC)
    107 (11) Cowboys (via SEA)
    108 (12) Ravens (via KC)
    109 (13) Falcons (via NYJ, via DEN)
    110 (14) Jets (via OAK, WSH)
    111 (15) Broncos (via SD)
    112 (16) Dolphins (via CHI)
    113 (17) Cardinals
    114 (18) Bills (via DAL)
    115 (19) Bengals (via PHI)
    116 (20) Broncos (via TEN)
    117 (21) Bengals
    118 (22) Lions
    119 (23) Browns (via ATL)
    120 (24) Steelers
    121 (25) Broncos
    122 (26) Texans
    123 (27) Saints
    124 (28) Packers
    125 (29) Bills (via BAL)
    126 (30) Jaguars (via SF; via NYJ)
    127 (31) Patriots
    128 (32) Colts (via NYG)
    Compensatory Picks:
    4.1 Vikings
    4.2 Raiders
    4.3 Ravens
    4.4 Giants
    4.5 Packers
    4.6 Packers
    4.7 Vikings
    4.8 Cowboys

    Round 5

    129 (1) 49ers (via IND; via SEA)
    130 (2) Broncos (via STL)
    131 (3) Vikings
    132 (4) Chargers (via CLE; via TEN)
    133 (5) Buccaneers
    134 (6) Redskins
    135 (7) Jaguars
    136 (8) Panthers
    137 (9) Eagles (via BUF)
    138 (10) Dolphins
    139 (11) Jets (via KC)
    140 (12) Bills (via SEA)
    141 (13) Raiders
    142 (14) Jaguars (via SD; via TEN; via STL)
    143 (15) Bears
    144 (16) Chargers (via ARI)
    145 (17) Raiders (via DAL)
    146 (18) Jets (via PHI)
    147 (19) Jets
    148 (20) Patriots (via TEN)
    149 (21) Bengals
    150 (22) Falcons
    151 (23) Lions
    152 (24) Steelers
    153 (25) Broncos
    154 (26) Texans
    155 (27) Saints
    156 (28) Steelers (via GB)
    157 (29) Ravens
    158 (30) 49ers
    159 (31) Bengals (via NE)
    160 (32) Giants
    Compensatory Picks:
    5.1 Raiders
    5.2 Ravens
    5.3 Colts

    Round 6

    161 (1) Titans (via STL; via SD)
    162 (2) Eagles (via IND)
    163 (3) Vikings
    164 (4) Buccaneers
    165 (5) Browns
    166 (6) Colts (via JAC)
    167 (7) Saints (via WAS)
    168 (8) TEN (via BUF)
    169 (9) Saints (via MIA)
    170 (10) Ravens (via CAR)
    171 (11) Seahawks
    172 (12) Ravens (via KC)
    173 (13) TEN (via SD, NYJ)
    174 (14) Bears
    175 (15) Cardinals
    176 (16) Saints (via DAL)
    177 (17) Jaguars (via PHI; via IND; NYJ)
    178 (18) Broncos (via NYJ)
    179 (19) Raiders
    180 (20) Ravens (via TEN)
    181 (21) Bengals
    182 (22) Lions
    183 (23) Colts (via ATL)
    184 (24) Steelers
    185 (25) Eagles (via DEN)
    186 (26) Texans
    187 (27) Dolphins (via NO; via MIA; via JAC)
    188 (28) Cowboys (via GB; via SEA)
    189 (29) Ravens
    190 (30) 49ers
    191 (31) Eagles (via NE)
    192 (32) Giants

    Round 7

    193 (1) Colts
    194 (2) Chargers (via STL)
    195 (3) Vikings
    196 (4) Titans (via CLE)
    197 (5) Buccaneers
    198 (6) Jets (via WAS)
    199 (7) Dolphins (via JAC)
    200 (8) Dolphins
    201 (9) Panthers
    202 (10) Bills
    203 (11) Chiefs
    204 (12) Jets (via SEA; via JAC)
    205 (13) Bears
    206 (14) Chargers (via ARI, STL.; via TEN)
    207 (15) Buccaneers (via DAL)
    208 (16) Vikings (via PHI; via NE)
    209 (17) Dolphins (via NYJ; via IND)
    210 (18) Colts (via OAK; via SEA)
    211 (19) Jaguars (via SD; via STL)
    212 (20) Chiefs (via TEN; via NYJ)
    213 (21) Bengals
    214 (22) Falcons
    215 (23) Lions
    216 (24) Steelers
    217 (25) Broncos (via DEN; via NYJ)
    218 (26) Texans
    219 (27) Saints
    220 (28) Rams (via GB)
    221 (29) Titans (via BAL)
    222 (30) 49ers
    223 (31) Chiefs (via NE)
    224 (32) Giants
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    Trades Breakdown:

    By Day:

    1 - 18
    2 - 14
    3 - 12

    4 - 6
    5 -7
    6 - 2
    7 - 5
    8 - 1
    9 - 4
    10 - 2
    11 - 2
    12 - 5
    13 - 2

    Total - 80 Trades

    By Team:

    PIT - 2
    CIN - 2
    CLE -4
    BAL -6

    NE - 3
    MIA - 6
    NYJ - 13
    BUF - 5

    TEN - 16
    IND - 11
    JAX - 14

    HOU - 0

    DEN - 9
    SD - 8
    KC - 2
    OAK - 3

    DET - 2
    GB - 7
    MIN -2
    CHI - 2

    NYG - 2
    DAL - 9
    WAS - 3
    PHI - 4

    NO - 2
    ATL - 1
    CAR - 2
    TB - 2

    SF - 4
    ARI - 3
    STL - 5
    SEA - 6

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    Jets GM BFB released the following statement in regards to next week's draft:

    "The Jets fans love to boo our picks at the draft. This year, we change that. They will love our first round selection this year."

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    16, 14, and 13 trades? Wow lol

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    GM Game: Free Agency/Trades Period Explanation

    The Dallas Cowboys main concern going into the off-season was the teams age and the lack of quality depth. The main focus of our free agency period was to get both younger and to mostly add solid depth players who can contribute.

    However first and foremost we saw two huge areas of need for starters. One was at the guard position, and the other was at the defensive end position. We did not just want to use draft picks here as it is very hard to get immediate impact players at those positions. And after feeling out the market we came across two guys we quickly made deals for who will be starting for us.

    3rd Round Pick (83) for DE-Randy Starks

    This was our big splash trade of the off-season. We gave up a pick for him which was a good deal for us. He is a top player at his position. He is well rounded. He can rush the passer and he can defend the run. He is in his prime. He will turn 29 at the end of the season. We expect a lot of good years from him. Over the last 3 seasons with Miami he has been there starter. And since he has become a constant starter he has produced. Over the last 3 seasons he has 120 tackles and 14.5 sacks. He will start for us next to Jay Ratliff and opposite of Kenyon Coleman. We do expect a heavy rotation though to keep our defensive ends fresh. We are now very deep at the position and the addition of Starks allows us to put out multiple good players at a time while keeping everyone fresh.

    4th Round Pick (114) for G-Chad Rinehart

    Our other big trade was the trading for our new starting guard Chad Rinehart. After signing free agent Nate Livings with the intention of being the starter and also backup guard Mackenzy Bernadeau we still had a hole opposite of Livings. Rinehart is only 26 years old. In his first year starting and getting significant playing time he showed why he was a 3rd round pick a few years back. He came into the season as the primary backup however after injuries to the interior of the offensive line and shuffling began Rinehart stepped in and proved to be great in pass protection. And with Tony Romo going to be throwing the ball we needed to improve our pass protection. Rinehart will start for us and is better than any 4th round guard which would have been available in the draft. He is also an upgrade over our previous guards. Well rounded player who will be huge in our 2012 success.


    Then we made quite a few other moves as the off season moved along. Some will play a bigger role on our team than others however we added plenty of quality players. Our main goal was to move some later round picks and also some older players who were not in our plan going forward to add talent. And also to replace some of the draft picks we lost in trades.

    6th Round Pick (176) for RB-Chris Ivory

    A player that we loved and we had to go and get. We had a plan from the beginning that we would move Felix Jones which we did but even if we didnt we wanted to have Chris Ivory on our roster. His ability to break tackles and pound the football is what we love. We also loved his speed and elusiveness. He has had some durability issues however we expect him to come into camp healthy and ready to play a big role on our football team. We expect to have a heavy rotation. After sitting on the bench behind Thomas, Ingram and Sproles in New Orleans we expect him to produce like he has when he has got opportunities. At just 24 years old and being in the NFL for two seasons he has 1090 yards rushing on 216 carries. He has averaged 5.0 yards per carry and we hope he can do this in a rotation with Demarco Murray who also averaged above 5 yards per carry as a rookie also.

    LB-Keith Brooking and a 7th Round Pick (207) for WR-Preston Parker

    Keith Brooking was old and was not in the plans going forward. With Carter and Lee projected to start and having Dan Connor and Bradie James as backups we thought we would include Brooking to get us a solid depth player. We also threw in a 7th Round Pick to get the player we wanted. We planned on using the pick to add veteran depth to the team from the start. Preston Parker was an early target for us. He is only 25 years old and is projected as the number 4 wide out. He is coming off a 40 catch season in which he had 554 yards and also 3 touchdowns. We expect a guy who can work the middle and provide us with some solid yard after the catch ability. And we expect him to add more to the team than Brooking and a 7th Round prospect would have.

    RB-Felix Jones for 4th Round Pick (107) and a 6th Round Pick (188)

    We do not believe in trading away top contributors to our football team. We believe in keeping them guys and adding players around them. However with the drafting of Demarco Murray last season and his burst onto the scene we saw Felix Jones as expendable. And after we added Chris Ivory we felt we were losing no value in having Ivory in there instead of Jones. Plus after trading away our 4th Round Pick in the Chad Rinehart trade we saw an opportunity to replace that pick. Plus it was a little higher in the round. And also after losing our 3rd Rounder in the Randy Starks trade we wanted a pick in that area. We have our sights set on a few players in that area of the draft. Also the 6th Round Pick although a late rounder we saw a chance to grab a pick which will give us a chance at around the end of the draft to grab a player who could possibly fall. Plus it replaces the 6th Round Pick we lost.

    S-Abram Elam for T-Demar Dotson

    Right now Elam is 30 years old. He still played at a solid level in 2011 however he was not in our plan going forward. We had ideas of who we wanted at strong safety and Elam was only going to be a backup. However with the need for a backup swing tackle we felt it was a good deal. Why it was a need? We only had Jeremy Parnell backing up our bookends. We like Parnell however he is unproven. And it was too risky going into the season with him being the backup to Tyron Smith and Doug Free. Demar Dotson is a young guy. He is only 26 years old. He has proven to be an effective backup and we got a good deal for him.

    G-Montrae Holland for CB-Byron Westbrook

    Again we moved a player who was not in plan going forward for a younger quality backup who filled a need. Holland had a very good 2011. However we had Kyle Kosier and Derrick Dockery as holdovers from last year. We had just signed Nate Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau. Plus we also had traded for Chad Rinehart. So there was really no room for him. So to get a young guy who has been effective playing in the nickel for the Redskins was a perfect situation for us. We lacked depth at the corner position and in a division with Eli Manning, Mike Vick and soon to be RG3 we needed to be deep at the position. Westbrook is 27 years old and is well rounded. We expect him to play a good amount of snaps and we hope he can improve on his very solid 2011 season.

    CB-Terrance Newman for S-Husain Abdullah

    After a very tough year for Terrance Newman and after the trade for Byron Westbrook we knew that Newman would not be playing a big role on the team. He was projected to be the number 5 corner on the team. So we thought we would seek out a trade for a safety using him as the bait. As we looked out there we found a player we were interested in. That was Husain Abdullah from the Vikings. He was coming off a year where he only played 9 games due to injury. He had been the Vikings starter for two seasons and had played a number of roles. He can play free safety, strong safety and also cornerback. He is a young guy going into his prime. At 26 years old he can be a solid starter for our team at strong safety. After 9 games last year he was producing solid stats. 49 tackles, 1 sack, 1 interception and 5 pass deflections. In 9 starts that is great. We hope for that sort of production in the future and hope he builds on what he done in 2011.

    5th Round Pick (145) for WR-Louis Murphy

    This was a steal for us. After Laurent Robinson decided to sign with the Jaguars as an unrestricted free agent we knew that our number 3 wide receiver was a hole. After looking at our needs and what we wanted to do in the draft we knew that it was going to be tough to get an immediate impact player at wide receiver and also address the other areas we wanted to. So we saw an opportunity to get a young guy who has had a solid career thus far. Murphy is just 24 years old. He has many great years ahead of him. Coming off a pretty unproductive season we hope he can get back to his 2009 and 2010 form where he had a combined 75 catches for 1130 yards and 6 touchdowns. And being paired with Tony Romo we think this will benefit Murphy in a great way.

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    So after the conclusion of the free agency period we are very happy with what we were able to do. We got younger. We got deeper. We added quality starting players and impact players. We lost some draft picks but were able to replace some of them with some moves. We are heading into the draft with fewer needs for starters and for depth. We have 5 draft picks.

    Comp Pick:

    We did try to constantly trade down in the first and despite a lot of offers we were not going to just give the pick away for the sake of it. We wanted fair value in return and as much as we would have loved to added more draft picks and moved down in the first we are happy to be in the position we are in. We plan on adding more depth and prospects to our football team. We are in a great position to go best player available and we plan to do that.




    • RB-Chris Ivory
    • G-Chad Rinehart
    • T-Demar Dotson
    • WR-Louis Murphy
    • WR-Preston Parker
    • DE-Randy Starks
    • S-Husain Abdullah
    • 4th Round Pick (107)
    • 6th Round Pick (188)


    • RB-Felix Jones
    • LB-Keith Brooking
    • S-Abram Elam
    • 3rd Round Pick (83)
    • 4th Round Pick (114)
    • 5th Round Pick (145)
    • 6th Round Pick (176)
    • 7th Round Pick (207)



    Player roles mentioned above may change depending on what happens during the draft.

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    Here is the OFFICIAL draft order. Use this one. The order BFB posted is not fully up to date.

    Here are the draft pick time slots. Figure out when you're supposed to pick.
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    Seahawks Offseason

    My biggest goal this offseason was to surround Matt Flynn with playmakers to make his job easier. I was able to do this during the FA period so during the draft I will be able to select BPA.

    Addition of Michael Crabtree:
    Adding a WR like Crabtree was something we had to get done. His floor is a very good number 2 WR and he has the potential to be a number 1. Crabtree gives Matt Flynn and legit target to throw to as he develops into our franchise QB.

    Addition of Felix Jones:
    Justin Forsett is not the same player he once was. Getting a playmaker with speed like Felix Jones will add a new dimension to our offense and help take pressure off of Flynn. Lynch will pound on the defense all game long and then Felix will relieve him and be our homerun hitter. For only a 4th and 6th round pick this trade was easily worth it for how much Felix will contribute to our football team.

    Addition of Mike Sims-Walker:
    We feel like Mike needed a change of scenery. He will come into camp as our 5th WR. We hope he surprises us and shows the talent he showed in 2009 and if he doesn’t, that’s okay because he only cost us a 7th round selection.

    Addition of Jarius Wynn + Loss of Anthony Hargrove:
    We traded Anthony Hargrove strait up for Jarius Wynn. Jarius is a young player who has just started to scratch the surface of his potential. He will add some athletic talent to our DT rotation. Hargrove was a solid contributor last season and we wish him the best.

    Loss of Marcus Trufant:
    When The Truf' is healthy he is a very good CB. The problem is, he is rarely healthy and we have 2 very good young CBs that have developed into studs. Moving up in the draft using Trufant as some compensation helped us acquire Michael Crabtree.

    Draft pick maneuvers:
    I started with:___________I ended with:
    1st (12)_________________1st (28)
    2nd (43)_________________1st (30)
    3rd (75)_________________3rd (94)
    4th (106)
    6th (181)________________6th (171)
    7th (225)

    I feel like after the first 10 picks in this draft the caliber of players is similar between players 11-40. Moving around in the first to be able to acquire two players within this range was my main goal in the draft. The other pick movements allowed me to acquire some impact players.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadamSchefter
    Jets GM BFB recently told me he would love to add a pass rusher with the 7th overall pick in tomorrow's draft, but will evaluate every talent in this draft class.
    From the workouts the Jets have had, I could easily see them take UNC's Quinton Coples, or South Carolina's Melvin Ingram.

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