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    Haha I'm sticking with the crowd and putting Peyton Manning at #1. This season will live and die on him.

    #2 Von Miller - DPOY in year #2

    #3 Elvis - His name will be cleared and him and Von will be competing for sacks once again.

    #4 Chris Harris - He had an exceptional year, but he's not buried on the depth chart. I want to see how he responds.

    #5 Knowshon - This is it kid, time to ball. I think it's his last chance in the uniform to really prove something. I just hope he gets a fair shake in the packed backfield.

    #5b Rahim Moore - show something.

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    1. Peyton Manning
    2. Demaryius Thomas
    3. Knowshon Moreno
    4. Rahim Moore
    5. DJ williams (if he plays)

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    1.- Tim Tebow running the ball.
    2.- Tim Tebow firing his teammates up.
    3.- Tim Tebow throwing the ball.
    4.- Tim Tebow intercepting a pass.
    5.- Tim Tebow sacking the QB.

    Wait!! What was the question?

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    My Top 5: (in no order)

    1. DT/ED (tied) I wanna see someone step up huge at the WR spot. Don't care which one of the two.

    2. Wolfe. A dominalnt DT? on the Broncos? Oh ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Any 2nd year Safety or Linebacker we drafted. Gawd would I love to see a good draft pick here ( VM excluded as he already rocks)

    4. Robert Ayers. Ya I wanna see him go. I likes the pick and still have hope.

    5. Peyton Manning. He is the critical part to all. I wanna the the Manning that destroyed us for years here. I hated him now I wanna love him.

    Adopted Bronco: Andy Janovich

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparttns View Post
    1.- Tim Tebow running the ball.
    2.- Tim Tebow firing his teammates up.
    3.- Tim Tebow throwing the ball.
    4.- Tim Tebow intercepting a pass.
    5.- Tim Tebow sacking the QB.

    Wait!! What was the question?
    Ugh lol clever?

    Alright ladies and gents. My 5 broncos to watch.

    5) Ronnie Hillman- The kid is supposedly dynamic. I thought we'd take Lamar Miller or Doug Martin in the draft I wonder what Elway and Co see in HIllman.

    4) Andre Caldwell- I've been a Caldwell fan since UofF I think the guys pretty good. and He'll make an excellent 3rd receiver since Stokes is in the slot.

    3) Mike Adams. He has a big roll to fill after Dawk left. He needs to bring leadership.

    2) Tracy Porter- I hope we see enough in porter to keep him around the next couple years.

    1) Dun dun dunnnnnnn..................BROCK OSWEILER/Peyton Manning. I put Ossy first because the knock on Osweiler is his lack of starting exp and the fact that his height allows DB's to read his eyes. He needs to disguise his eyes. He's Elways QBOTF!

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    My 5 is a little different from others, but I'll explain..

    1. Quinton Carter.. kid played pretty decently as a rookie and hopefully can keep momentum and keep getting better. I'm excited to hopefully see he's turning into quite a stud.

    2. Von Miller.. its been way too long since we've seen him healthy. Excited is a great word to describe how I feel about him getting after Ben and Tom and more..

    3. Chris Harris.. he hasn't been getting the hype he deserves, but that's not neccesarily a bad thing. The kid was a stud last year, and hopefully he can turn into a black hole at the slot corner spot, taking receivers off the map.

    4. Ronnie Hillman.. he's supposed to be the type of back that's electrifying and elusive, and if that's not exciting I don't know what is..

    5. Kevin Vickerson.. supposedly his body in is incredible shape, as opposed to last year, and Vickerson was a very solid end in the 34. I'm expecting solid things from him..

    Honorable mentions-- Moreno, Siliga, Moore, Franklin

    *no Manning-- I've seen him beat the Broncos for years.. I know what he's capable of and what he's going to do for the Broncos.
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    Derek Wolfe. I am hoping he will bring some inside pass rush.
    Demaryus Thomas. It will be interesting to see what he can do in our new passing offense.
    Steven Johnson. Top tackler in the big 12. Hope he becomes our MLB.
    Danny Trevathan. Great collegiate linebacker. Hope he gets to play.
    Ronnie Hilman. I hope this playmaker can make some plays for us.

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    I'm finding the responses quite interesting....whether they be the more obvious selections (Manning/Miller) or the less identified players......there is no right answer here. I asked who you are most excited about, and that means you and you alone have the answer.



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