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Thread: Bailey?

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    Darrell Green played corner until the day he retired and I expect Champ to do the same. The move to safety got Charles Woodson hurt for the Packers.

    Keep Champ where he is, he is still a very effective cornerback. Besides, Rahim Moore has really started to come along at the safety position, and I only expect him to get better as his career progresses.

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    I must have been watching a different game. Didn't Carter get beat for both Charger offensive touchdowns? Even the great ones get beat from time to time. I think Champ is playing better now than he ever did. The receivers are bigger stronger and faster than ever. In many cases Champ lines up against the other teams best athlete and rarely loses. He mostly does this without the help of a safety.

    He is, in my opinion, the best all around cornerback in football.

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    Of course he is. No one covers and tackles as well as Champ.
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    If we keep our current crop of corners, I wouldn't mind seeing champ move the safety next season. If he moves, it means we can have more good players on the field at once since the corner position is one of the teams strengths. Champ would be going against tight ends a lot and tight end coverage is a weak point of our defense that champ would shore up if he moved.

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    Champ is the best Corner on our Team.

    That's about it.

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    Think about it, our other corners are doing good because they arent covering the #1 WR's, not to take anything away from carter or harris because they have been playing good but i think Champ playing on the #1's by himself is really helping them, Plus our pass rush is helping all of the corners by making the QB's force it in tight spots or making QB's throw it quicker then they want too

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    This is different than last year against Calvin Johnson and whoever else (if anyone). I'm noticing it more and more as well. He's definitely still our best corner, but with our other up and coming corners, you have to wonder how long it'll remain that way. I'm hoping it's just a slump though.
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