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    Quote Originally Posted by baphamet View Post
    even if they did hire mcdoosh, he wouldn't have the power over player personnel that he had in Denver.
    That's fine, he'd probably run all the half-decent players out anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beagle View Post
    He was an assistant on those Giants teams to the defensive coordinator who was Bill Bellichick He also left with Bellichick to the Browns and to the Patriots with Bellichick Never coached for Parcells with out Bellichick also coaching there so you were saying?
    Romeo Crennel was only with the Browns when he coached the team as the head coach and when he was the defensive coordinator of the Browns in 2000. The last time I checked, Bill Bellichick coached the Cleveland Browns from 1991-1995 during that period, Romeo Crennel was with the Patriots and the Jets. Guess who else was with the Patriots and Jets during that period? It wasn't Bill Bellichick because he was coaching in Cleveland. It was none other than some guy named Bill Parcells.

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