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    Quote Originally Posted by jbrewer View Post
    Not high and mighty? I'm as upset as you. Just thought the Broncos could use some support. Think you could do better? Oh that's right you're just an arm chair QB..
    Your post literally makes no sense.

    Think I could do better? At what?

    You're just going straight to compare a random fan to a player on the field? Are you six years old?

    The Broncos FAILED today and absolutely deserve the ire of the passionate fan base that have supported this team for decades.

    Remember, we just lost to a team that we absolutely should not have lost to.

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    Hindsight is 20/20 but...

    ...why did we kneel the football at the end of regulation? We had timeouts, a hall of fame quarterback, and one of the biggest legs in the NFL. There really wasn't any reason to not run a few legit plays.

    Made by Snk16

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    My wife asked if I was crying, I sniffled and said darn dust in my eye.

    What an emotional roller coaster. Depressed, upset, many different ways to describe the emotions I'm still feeling.

    Tomorrow is a new day, and taking a day or three off from the boards will serve me well. I still love my Broncos!

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    I'll add to this...I've been a fan for 23 years (and proudly going), and this loss ranks up there with the 1996 Jaguars upset and the 2005 loss to Pittsburgh in the Championship.

    I just really hope...really, really, really hope, that this team can learn the lessons from tonight, and we have a year like the 1997 Broncos in 2013-14.

    Only winners get wings.

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    Trindon Holliday (dude was incredible)
    Ronnie Hillman

    Everyone else

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peerless View Post
    This could be one of the most demoralizing losses I've ever witnessed.

    Including when we were on the wrong side of some bad blow outs, this one guts me.

    We HAD this game.

    The four below losses hurt way more than this game.

    1.1978 Super Bowl played against the Cowboys ...
    2.1987 Super Bowl played against the Giants ...
    3.1988 Super Bowl played against the Redskins ...
    4.1990 Super Bowl played against the 49ers ...

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    Shades of Denny Green in the 1998 NFC Championship. It probably didn't matter, but fans will still be complaining about it 10 years later.

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    This was a complete team loss, shouldn't point the fingers to one person or area. Just a complete meltdown. Even though 98% of the team/coaches had a bad or flat out awful day, we still were in position to win in the end. That's what makes it hurt that much more.

    The only guy who played well was Trindon Holliday. Everyone else had sub-par performances.

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    the only reason why would be fear of some catastrophe. apparently a hall of fame qb and one of the biggest legs in the NFL and all timeouts left wasnt enough to overcome Fox's fear of the unknown.

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    Stadium changes should include

    Something that makes a sell out home crowd louder. I just didn't get the feeling that we had a home field advantage with the noise levels. If they are going to be remodeling the stadium they should definitely look into improving the home field advantage. Contact the guy who designed the Seahawks field.

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    This one really hurts! We had this game. I hate replaying those bad plays in my head, I can't stop thinking the "what if". I'm speechless.

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    For me, it still starts and ends with that Jacksonville loss. I don't think fans who weren't alive or old enough at the time to watch that game and really experience what it meant will understand why so many fans place it as high as they do.

    But outside of that...for games that I've seen personally:

    1) Pittsburgh, 2005. We would have won the Super Bowl that year, no question.
    2) Buffalo, 1991. 10-7 loss - REALLY???
    3) Raiders, 1993. Just because it was the Raiders and they blew us out.
    4) 49ers, 1989. This was actually the first Broncos game I ever saw.
    5) Both Indianapolis losses, 2003-2004. Just because it demonstrated how undertalented we were compared to the NFL elite at the time.

    I can't rank this game yet. It will probably rank just behind Jacksonville, but I need time to digest this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbrewer View Post
    I'm upset sure. But the real ones who hurt are our Broncos. Thanks for an awesome season. It really could have went anyway. Yes the refs sucked, they really sealed the deal. You guys will rebuild and be stronger next year. Enjoy the time off you've done all you could. You fought hard and tried that's all that matters.. We've been here before. Just a game.

    Love my football team

    A real broncos fan
    Agreed. A coaching change is (A) Not happening and (B) Not productive on a 13-3 team. Let it sting for a while and then move on.

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    Just saw this retweet by @denverbroncos and I sort of feel it reflects the feelings of every bronco fan right now:

    @GrayCaldwell: Von Miller sat at his locker in full uniform, head down, for nearly 45 minutes after the game. "I had dreams of confetti," he said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doogansquest View Post
    And most people didn't think he'd even win the division this year. Yet he won as many games as the rest of the division combined. He's still got 4 years on his contract. This team got better than expected more quickly than expected.

    My agenda was to talk to the blamers. Nothing more, nothing less. Besides, isn't every player brought it with Super Bowls in mind? How many QB's win it every year?

    If Tebow were capable of such a game, he'd be playing somewhere. No coaches seem to think he is. My assumption is safe.

    You make a decent point about expecting Super Bowls though. I was referring, however, to the people that now are blaming everyone in sight for costing the Broncos some sort of imagined birthright to win it this year. Most of the season, people felt the Broncos were just going to build and get accustomed to a system before coming back next year ready to contend.
    I'm happy to have him here. I'm frustrated with his trend of losing big games. Is that all his fault? No but he sure doesn't help.

    Kurt Warner started out in the AFL and ended up winning a Super Bowl. He also played in the european football league. Nobody thought him good either and wanted to take a chance on him for a while.

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