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    Quote Originally Posted by The Experience View Post
    No, it was a horrible play by him.

    But if Prater made his FG we win, if Champ doesn't allow the 2nd TD to Smith we win.

    So many bad plays, and the refs didn't help either.
    If they stopped flacco 3rd and long in their own endzone... There were so many chances to win and the Broncos took every attempt at not capitalising seriously.

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    manning choked it away at the end, he had no business throwing that ball

    but we shouldnt have even been in that situation to begin with if it wasnt for that terrible terrible play by moore

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    Who cares what he did last year. We wouldn't even be in the playoffs this year if Tebow was the QB...

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    To put an example of why Moore should not have even been in that spot...

    We had their defense winded and out, we had the ball and one first down could have won the game. Fox decided to run the ball to keep the clock going instead of passing for the first down and win.

    That move is playing the percentages but teams in the playoffs are there because they beat the percentages.

    Playing the numbers in the playoffs is the kind of stuff a coach does that never wins a championship
    All I want for Christmas is a Bronco QB controversy

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    I blame Fox and Del Rio. This is a tough pill to swallow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoundsOfSuccess View Post

    Should be fired. Yet another year of holding the Broncos back. Homeboy's never won anything for a reason.
    You're right about that. I had to watch him for 9 years in Carolina. He is at the top of the totem pole in terms of who should get the blame for this loss.

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    Plenty of blame to go around. But I definitely put a lot of the blame on the overly conservative play-calling at the end. Don't even try for the first down to win it on the the next to last possession and then don't try to get in field goal range with 30 seconds and 2 time outs on the final possession. And Moore underplaying that one pass was unforgivable.

    Man, this hurts bad...
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    Quote Originally Posted by rclear View Post
    First, I don't think Fox calls offensive plays... for all we know Peyton checked into them. Second, the officials were absolutely all over the place with their calls. Third, our third string RB was in the game, a 21 year old rookie with no experience..
    No way that Manning had the option to check out of short yardage runs with big personnel in the game. That stuff comes from coaches.

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    I do agree there were a lot of reasons why we lost this game, but that was the one play that constantly sticks in my mind. It is one thing to get beat, but to look so bad doing it i mean.. wow. Just awful. The ball hung in the air and he wasn't in good position as it was first of all, but then to just look like a complete fool when he still could have made the play. Just kind of speechless.

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    All the d-backs, Fox, Peyton, the refs. Refs were brutal all around, but they cost us a lot of field position in huge situations. The terrible review on Peytons fumble rather than us punting and a lot of field position in OT (Boldins catch 3rd down and the "interference" on Champ).

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    How can anyone be blamed more than #26.... He is hands down the worst Safety when the ball is in the air.. After 2 season you cant show me a single positive thing about his play....Not to mention that he cant make a play to save his life
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    We had a 7 point lead with less than like 2 minutes to go...and we didnt even try to get a first down. We played scared and ran it 3 times and punted. At that point I knew we had lost.

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    He is done at corner. He has been riding the coattail of the pass rush all year and his name. He got exposed today because the pass rush didn't show up.
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    I know everyone says "it's a team sport" blah blah. but the secondary was in my opinion reason #1 for this loss

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    yeah that Moore play was so fugly. Watching him see the ball in while he made no attempt to improve his position then he jumped too early ....... it was very uncoordinated looking
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