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    I've never seen a safety misplay a deep ball that badly, especially in a situation where if they DIDN'T make that, it was basically game over

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    Everyone these days looks for someone to blame rather than giving credit. Baltimore played well, we didn't. It's tough, but solely placing blame is silly.

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    You can blame the whole damn team. They stunk. Manning was a disaster. He proved he can't play in cold weather which was talked about on espn earlier this morning. Then you have bailey who could not defend against the pass, and then you have a defense that could not stop running water. It makes no difference how many games you win during the season if you can't do anything with it. All you do is go home. Top team is now the Patriots...
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    Quote Originally Posted by flosstein View Post
    There were far bigger plays given up than that one play. Remember Manning had 3 turnovers himself. Champ got torched repeatedly and the DC did nothing to help the coverage. Ultra conservative play calling down the stretch. Ref's keeping their defense fresh. There's a laundry list of things that went wrong.
    Agreed, but despite all that you do NOT let a receiver get behind you. Make the stop there and the game is over. No OT, and thus Manning doesn't get that 3rd TO.

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    Thank you Mr Peanut Head for throwing that interception.

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    I blame that Salty Cheese on the pizza! No wonder there giving them away for free.

    I got some bad heartburn going on.

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    The defense first..... The secondary look horrid today.... They get the most blame

    The play calling was so pop-warner..... Coaching staff was playing not to lose

    Peyton's inability to throw the ball down field

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    All Moore had to do was back up about 3 more feet...and swat the ball away or tackle him if he makes the catch...
    Go Broncos

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    Quote Originally Posted by japfaff View Post
    How can anyone be blamed more than #26.... He is hands down the worst Safety when the ball is in the air.. After 2 season you cant show me a single positive thing about his play....Not to mention that he cant make a play to save his life
    I am not a fan or Moore and that was I still blame Fox more. WE played scare and NOT TO LOSE the entire second half of the fourth quarter and all of overtime. I never felt like at that point we were trying to win, but were just hoping not to lose.

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    There were a lot of people to blame in this game. Peyton being one of them, but it really was a choke job across the board. Just horrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Huekels View Post
    All the d-backs, Fox, Peyton, the refs. Refs were brutal all around, but they cost us a lot of field position in huge situations. The terrible review on Peytons fumble rather than us punting and a lot of field position in OT (Boldins catch 3rd down and the "interference" on Champ).
    Some horrible calls definitely costs us. But the Broncos still could have a good chance to win it if not for the conservative play-calling. :puke:
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    Look I have been as critical of Moore as they come, but that situational preparation is just as much on the coaches as Rahim. I'd be inclined to say the prepared him properly, but after what I saw I'm not so sure.

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    Enough blame to go around. Just stupidity throughout today. Hard not to overreact right now, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAnimalYears View Post
    Everyone these days looks for someone to blame rather than giving credit. Baltimore played well, we didn't. It's tough, but solely placing blame is silly.
    Not if the execution was there for the Ravens. It wasn't Moore just made a boneheaded play and could have easily knocked that ball down. Instead he underplayed and got burned. Manning just giftwrapped that game to them. Instead of throwing it away he forces it and ends up owning us. The Ravens did win, yes, but it was in a bit of luck for them.

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    The 4th quarter kinda ended like the Vikings several years go. 30sec left and they kneel instead of taking a shot when then had Randy Moss.
    In this case you have Manning and you didn't at least give him a chance? That was lame

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