As we do each offseason, we review our current policies, discuss changes and make adjustments as necessary. Our first project for the offseason was reviewing our infraction system, and we've decided to make a few adjustments.


0 Point warning infraction: We've decided to bring back the 0-point warning infraction for new users who commit a minor infraction. This will be at our discretion and is really just meant to guide our newer users.

5 point implied profanity infraction: Not all profanity is the same, and as such we're going to distinguish between those who are implying profanity and those who are blatantly skirting the filter. To keep it simple, if you post something that gets entirely filtered out by the asterisks, if you filter yourself out through a random series of symbols (!@#$) or, for example post that something is "BS"; that's implied profanity. We'd like to reiterate that this is a very minor infraction, and its purpose is to just give the user a heads up that it's against the CoC to keep our boards clean and family friendly.

10 point inappropriate language infraction: As mentioned above, this infraction is for those who are purposely skirting the filter so that everyone can see that they were cursing. Just so we're clear, that means changing one letter or symbol so that the rest of the word still appears, or it could also mean posting symbols in a specific way so that people can tell what you're trying to say.

25 point repeated-offense infraction: For users who already have two active infractions in a specific category, this strike three infraction would result in a 25 point infraction that expires in 45 days. If we have to continually infract you for the same thing over and over, it's going to be worth more points and last longer.

30 point inappropriate post infraction: This infraction will be applied for inappropriate posts that violate multiple sections of the code of conduct (ex. cursing, trolling, inappropriate pictures), or an otherwise excessively inappropriate post. This infraction will be active for 45 days.

Staying the same:

Pretty much everything else is staying the same. There will still be 5-point profile violation IPs, 5-point spam/duplicate/off-topic posts, 10-point trolling violations, and 50-point board disruption and disregarding site staff infractions. Staff Harassment will continue to be a 75-point infraction with a corresponding 1-pointer for record keeping purposes.

As always, feel free to ask any questions if you're confused about something. If you'd like to chat in private with the staff, start a thread in the Community Issues forum, or send one of us a private message.