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    The 2013 NFL Draft

    Hello football fans, we are nearing that magical (or diabolical) time once again as the draft is nearly upon us. Without a doubt 2012 was rough for the San Diego Chargers, this is largely due to piss poor drafting and pretty much completely ignoring the offensive line.

    OL: LT is a ?, LG is a ?, the center seems to have lost his passion for football as he flirts with retirement every year. RG is a ? and RT is a guy the fanbase and local media have been loathing for about 5 years now and was given far too large a contract.

    Other than offensive line, the roster could be worse. Unfortunately the identity our team has been claiming recently is that of a high-powered offense. Something that I believe is rather hard to do when your QB is essentially constantly under siege.

    CB: We have 2 young, high pick corners behind Cason and Jammer, so I cannot see taking a CB unless we're going best player available (BPA) in the later rounds.

    Safety: Strong Safety is a bit of a ? but we have some young guys who will likely get a chance to play. Hopefully Brandon Taylor is healthy for the start of the season.

    Linebacker: We need linebackers, it's as simple as that. Certainly more on the inside than the outside. While important it CANNOT be placed ahead of the OL.

    DL: On the DL we will need some depth at DE and NT. We have quality people for starters but we need rotation guys especially at NT.

    RB: I am tempted to say we need a RB, with Mathews seemingly made of glass (his collar-bone anyway) and Woodhead always being a bit of an injury risk as he's on the small side. I guess I just find it hard to care about RB's these days. It's RB by committee, why use a high pick on one.

    WR: The media love to give San Diego WR's in the first round. I have absolutely no idea why. If anything we have a bit of a log-jam. Floyd, Alexander, Brown (who is hopefully back to 100% after that gruesome injury.) Royal and Meachem. I refuse to believe Meachem is dead money, and Royal can play (when he's healthy). WR is a problem in the value for $ department not because of a lack of personnel.

    TE: I would actually put this as a need. Antonio Gates has seemingly been missing since that playoff game against the Titans (I still claim it was a dirty hit). McMichael is finally gone. Ladarius Green our 4th round pick from last year? I'm not even sure he has made it onto the field.

    Unfortunately as I look at this year's draft I become rather pessimistic. Unless somebody pulls an "Al Davis" I can see there being no left OT's there at 11 that are worth the pick. Fortunately, I think Warmack could be there if the OT's are gone. My suggestions would be that the Chargers stand firm at #11 and either pick one of four people (Joeckel, Fisher, Johnson or Warmack) or trade down.

    I'd say that trading down and BPA should be guiding principles for this draft. Will they get what they want? No, but I think they can find what they need to start rebuilding this team.


    I forgot the TL;DR portion...
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