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    Quote Originally Posted by Atwnbroncfan View Post
    I want the honeybadger or Lattimore in round 3.
    I'm down for honey badger in the 3rd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverbulletX24 View Post
    What about Barrett Jones at C/G?
    I didn't see anyone mention him as a target for rounds 2/3, but he would be a steal in the third. I just don't know what our needs are at C or G.
    I am with you here, would love to get Barrett Jones in the 3rd round. At one point people were talking about him as a late 1st/early 2nd type guy and he has kinda fallen off the map. He would provide lots of flexibility to the interior of our offensive line and that is a need with question marks at both C and RG right now.

    2nd round targets:
    Tank Carradine (DE) - doubtful he will fall, but would be a great addition to the front 7
    Damontre Moore (DE) - get that A&M connection going!
    Larry Warford (G) - would probably start at RG from day 1
    Jamar Taylor or Darius Slay (CB) - you can never have enough
    Arthur Brown (LB) - undersized MLB, could be a 3 down player unlike Te'o

    3rd round targets:
    Chris Harper (WR) - big, strong, and athletic. Could be a great ST player as well which we will need.
    Barrett Jones (OC/G) - versatility is so valuable.
    Marcus Lattimore (RB) - if he can get back healthy, has the potential to be an outstanding RB

    Obviously there are tons of other great options out there, but I would love to have 1 or 2 of these guys!

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    Here's what I would do if I were the Broncos before our picks today and tomorrow. Just to see where we are now.

    our defense could look like this:
    wolfe, 2 of vick/knighton/williams, ayers
    von, irving/johnson/bradley, woodyard
    champ, moore, carter, drc

    von, williams, wolfe, ayers
    irving/johnson/travathan, woodyard
    champ, moore, carter, drc, harris

    What do you guys think we can improve on here?

    That's one of the most dangerous pass rushing nickel line's you can imagine. It's hard to imagine Ayers not taking a huge step forward with these 3 helping him. Who do you double?!? Who do you run at in the base defense?
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    Damontre Moore in the 2nd and Stefan Taylor in the 3rd

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    Montee Ball

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